Our divine mission is to support you with sacred power objects,
ancient rituals and authentic spiritual knowledge
to heal your heart, mind and soul,
accelerate your spiritual growth and bless your life —
while manifesting your true soul’s intentions.


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Authentic Sacred Beads
Activated and Blessed
Used and Approved by Enlightened Masters
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Ancient Tradition

Meditation Beads

Deepen Your Meditation Experience with authentic & high-vibrational Meditation Malas using India’s holy power beads.


Mantra Bracelet

Choose your Sacred Power Mantras & experience their spiritual benefits when you open the divine channels.


Your Spiritual Support System

We’re here to support you - all the way!

Mala Beads

Manifest Your Intentions! Our Mala Beads are designed & activated with a specific Powers & Benefits to bless & fulfill your soul desires.



Create a sacred space, clear negative energy and soothe your senses with our natural incense formulated with sacred ingredients.

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    Enlightened Masters have utilized Sacred Mukhi Rudraksha Power Beads for their divine powers since ancient times. By combining authentic, activated Power Beads with a mantra meditations, it is possible to open yourself up to profound spiritual experiences and create powerful transformation from within. Start by choosing a Power Bead.

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  • 1 MUKHI

    Considered the sacred symbol of Shiva, it changes and heals karmas quickly and profoundly. This rare and precious bead not only serves as a powerful p....

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  • 2 MUKHI

    The 2 Mukhi Rudraksha is an incredibly powerful tool for creating harmony and healing between two individuals. It helps open hearts further to forgive....

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  • 3 MUKHI

    Changes and heals your karma quickly and profoundly. Considered the sacred symbol of Shiva, this rare and precious sacred bead protects against all fo....

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  • 4 MUKHI

    Confers greater insight, creative intelligence & eloquence. Awakens and enhances artistic abilities, improves focus and retention of information, help....

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  • 5 MUKHI

    Confers peace of mind and general health & wellbeing. Increases vitality, longevity, and calm in the face of negativity and stress. Balances and enhan....

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  • 6 MUKHI

    Confers charisma, a commanding presence and the power to influence others more positively. Helps remove jealousy, anger, and stage fright. Restores co....

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  • 7 MUKHI

    Attracts wealth, abundance, prosperity and success in one’s endeavors. Overcomes financial worry and struggles, protecting from reversals of fortune....

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  • 8 MUKHI

    Confers the ability to overcome all obstacles, positively channel one’s passions, handle the discord of others and mitigate one’s own resistance t....

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  • 9 MUKHI

    Inspires infinite courage and the ability to masterfully handle negativity. Neutralizes bad habits, opens the heart chakra to divine knowledge and wis....

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  • 10 MUKHI

    A divine shield against negativity, it removes doubts, fear and confusion, reveals the truth at the heart of any situation, overcomes chronic lack of ....

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  • 12 MUKHI

    Enhances personal charisma, clarity, insight, strength and fortitude. Helps one attain greater influence in society. Purifies the inner mental-emotion....

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  • 11 MUKHI

    Confers the wisdom to know and live one’s true purpose, inspires spontaneous right action and endows you with the inner strength to face and conquer....

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  • 13 Mukhi

    Helps attain a true balance between one’s spiritual and materialistic aspirations. Confers riches and honor as well as opens channels to tremendous ....

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  • 14 Mukhi

    Inspires one-pointed focus, providing an immoveable sense of peace and calm. Removes blocks and internal resistance hindering deeper spiritual experie....

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  • 15 Mukhi

    Confers charisma, a commanding presence and the power to influence others more positively. Helps remove jealousy, anger, and stage fright. Restores co....

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  • 16 Mukhi

    Creates conscious soul-to-soul connections, inspires deeper intimate relationships and others to become more open and supportive of you. Confers treme....

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  • 17 Mukhi

    Confers the power of divine intuition, protects from high negativity and removes obstacles and alleviates unforeseen hardships and the debilitating gr....

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  • 18 Mukhi

    Confers the abundant, nurturing, gift-giving power of Mata Bhumi, “Mother Earth”. Creates a soulful bond with the Earth element, brings deep joy, ....

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  • Ganesh Mukhi Rudraksha

    Ganesh’s power is the synergy of the divine feminine and masculine, which overcomes all obstacles along your path, leading to success and fulfillmen....

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  • Gauri Shankar Mukhi

    Improves and heals troubled relationships/partnerships/ marriages, confers great happiness and strengthens the bond between lovers. For single people,....

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