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For any online enquiries please contact us.

We’re available 9am-5pm (GMT +1), Mon- Fri, except national holidays.

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If you are in Bali and have queries regarding available products, orders/deliveries or repairs,

you may email our store sales manager Ega at

or call our Seminyak Store +62 (0)361 9348 777

or our Ubud Store +62 (0)361 976 344

How do I receive a refund?

Once your returned item has been received by us, we will issue a refund through the same method of payment we received from you. If you used Paypal to pay for your purchase, the refund will be received immediately in your Paypal account and you will receive a notification from Paypal. If you paid by credit card, it can take up to 14 days to show up on your credit card account due to varying processing times between payment providers. The shipping costs will be excluded from the refund unless the item was faulty due to manufacturing defects.

What is your Warranty Policy?

SHIVALOKA offers a limited warranty and will repair or replace manufacturing defects due to workmanship free of charge for up to 1 year from the original date of purchase for jewelry.

However, it does not cover neglect or abuse. General wear and tear, misuse and tarnishing are not covered under the warranty. Further breakage of stretch elastic used for stretchy bracelets is not covered in the warranty due to the breakable nature of elastic thread.

Please keep your receipt or pass it onto the recipient you are gifting SHIVALOKA jewelry to as the original proof of purchase is required to claim your warranty. If a receipt is not available, please present a copy of a credit card statement as proof of purchase.

This warranty applies to all of our jewelry products across the globe, regardless of where you purchased them from. During the warranty period of one year, if your sacred jewelry and mala beads require repair we will provide you with a full repair service  or replacement, if required, free of charge.

The warranty does not include international shipping fees. When the warranty expires and you require repairs, we offer a repair service at a standard fee.

My mala broke. How do I get it repaired?

If your jewelry requires repair, we offer a repair service exclusively for SHIVALOKA products.

Please log into your account, and click on the Repair tab, and you will be taken to a Repair form that you need to fill out and submit. 

You will be able to:

  • Submit your repair request
  • check on the status of your repairs
  • Communicate with our support team regarding your repair 

You will need to ship your repair item together with our repair form that you can download in our repair section in your account to our production house in Bali. 

You will need to submit the repair request together with your order number or a copy of the purchase receipt for warranty purposes. If the warranty has expired, a small repair fee will be applicable and return shipping fee. For your warranty to be applied, you need your purchase order receipt or order number if you purchased online. You will need to ship your repair to Bali and we will guide you on sending the parcel. Please do not send any repairs unless you have received our confirmation.



My mala fell on the ground. What do I do?

All our sacred jewelry and mala beads have been activated and blessed, and therefore hold shakti (spiritual power) which is the transformational, intention-manifesting, healing ingredient of our jewelry. We advise all our customers to be very diligent in taking care of their sacred power objects by not letting them touch the ground as the gravitational force of the Earth is so powerful it will “suck” the high divine energy, the shakti, of your SHIVALOKA items. It can happen that your sacred power object touches the ground accidentally. In this case, you need to first test the object to see if it has discharged, and then if you feel it is required there are two options: 1. We can recharge the shakti in your sacred jewelry if you wish to send it to us, or 2. You can do a reactivation meditation practice with your beads to rekindle the shakti. We share all details on this practice is the Shivaloka Academy that you can gain access to with the purchase of your SHIVALOKA sacred jewelry.

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