Even in hundreds of year it is impossible to describe adequately the benefits derived by wearing Rudraksham. Those who wish for salvation as well as all worldly happiness need wear Rudraksha. Of this there can be not doubt.

-excerpt from the Shiva Purana


Since ancient times, sacred beads have adorned India’s holy men and women. Found in Nature — their use prescribed by great spiritual masters — these natural power objects open a direct connection with the Divine, increase wisdom, protect from the forces of negativity, and awaken Shakti, one’s own spiritual power.

Founded in 2009, SHIVALOKA is a Bali-based spiritual lifestyle company spearheading the new trend of spiritually empowering jewelry that is sweeping across the world. SHIVALOKA is the the only sacred luxury company that has succeeded in melding original ancient spirituality with beautiful contemporary designs. SHIVALOKA quickly gained an international celebrity following and has been embraced by top fashion designers like Roberto Cavalli, Kenzo’s Antonio Marras & Stephane Rolland. SHIVALOKA’S inspiration is to create jewelry that heals, uplifts and protects while radiating natural elegance and style.

The core element of SHIVALOKA’s spiritually-charged jewelry is India’s holy power bead—the Rudraksha. Our exquisite, handcrafted designs incorporate carefully sourced, highest quality, authentic Rudraksha, the finest precious and semi-precious healing gems, Sterling silver and 22 karat gold.


What truly sets us apart comes to us through the grace of our master and our Divine Lineage of masters. Through them, we possess the direct knowledge, soul capacity and genuine expertise to awaken and empower the shakti inherent within the holy beads and other natural ingredients and materials used in our collections. Because of this, their value goes far beyond the natural beauty and elegance of our designs. Because of this divine and transformational process, they are true power objects.

In the Yoga Vasishta, one of India’s profound ancient spiritual texts, the guru of Lord Rama says, “The highest wisdom seeks you out of its own accord.” In this same light, the Shiva Puranas tell us it is the sacred Rudraksha that seeks out its ‘owner’, of its own accord, creating a special bond that uplifts one’s heart, mind and soul, while it protects one from the vagaries of life. With this understanding, our people are expertly trained to meticulously source and select only genuine Rudraksham, of the highest quality.

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