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Dipti Arathi Oil Puja Lamp


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Oil Lamps to Illuminate Your Spiritual Practice

Oil lamps hold an intrinsic presence in puja altar items, often used as the primary source of light when performing traditional Hindu rituals. Oil lamps, known as diyas, are an essential part of puja altar items. Oil lamps signify the power of knowledge, invoking enlightenment and wisdom as they flicker and burn brightly. The symbolism of oil lamps is vast, with each flame acting as a burning reminder that spiritual practice requires persistent energy and focus to ensure quality results. As time passes, oil lamps remain one of the most important altar items due to their powerful meaning and ability to influence any sacred space.

Not only used for spiritual ceremonies, diyas can be used to mark special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays as they signify good luck and prosperity.  Now available in multiple shapes and sizes, be sure to have some oil lamps ready at home to light up your altar or simply add a touch of serenity to any space!