Dipti Arathi Oil Puja Lamp


Agni, the divine fire, radiates the power of spiritual transformation. Fit for any altar, this sublime arathi oil lamp is an essential puja item and supports and empowers the transmission of the flame’s shakti, its sacred power, filling your private temple-space, and your soul, with healing grace. As it caresses your sight, the light inspires your heart to open and be fulfilled.
“Arathi” means the ‘sharing of the light’. While waving the flame of the lamp before a sacred murthi (icon/statue/picture), devotional prayers are often sung— poetic songs of love, longing and faith— which call upon the Divine to share its grace, in that moment, with everyone present. Share in the Divine Light. The Light is One. The lamps are many.


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Sanskrit Meaning : dipti दीप्ति – splendour, brightness

Ornate SHIVALOKA Oil Lamp for puja and devotion with Aum Symbol at center of the lamp.
To be used with oil or ghee and cotton wicks and camphor (not included).

Available in 2 sizes, 14cm or 18cm
material: 100% brass

14cm/5.7” Oil Lamp specs:
weight: 95 grams
length: 14.4cm / 5.7”
width: 4.5cm/ 1.8”
depth: 2cm/0.8”

18cm Oil Lamp specs:
weight: 157 grams
length: 14.4cm / 5.7”
width: 4.5cm/ 1.8”
depth: 2cm/0.8”

Made with love in Bali.

Arathi, an important ritual for worship, holds deep spiritual meaning. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Aratrika’, Arathi signifies the removal of darkness or ignorance and the emergence of light or wisdom. The ritual involves waving a lamp with lit wicks or camphor in a clockwise motion in front of a deity or sacred figure. The flame of the lamp symbolizes divine consciousness, purity, and the eternal truth. As the light is waved, it is believed that the energy of the deity is bestowed upon the devotees, removing negativity and bestowing blessings. The act of singing devotional mantras during Arathi further enhances the spiritual atmosphere, reinforcing faith and devotion. In essence, Arathi is a ritual of surrender, of offering one’s self to the divine and seeking enlightenment and protection.