Our Divine Lineage

Our Divine Lineage of supreme spiritual masters has existed on this Earth since the birth of Sri Dattatreya, the Trimurti avatara of Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara and shakti-born son of Sri Anasuya. Throughout history, the Divine Lineage has helped guide humanity’s destiny towards Immortal Enlightenment. Here, with great humility and gratitude, we present nine members of our most holy lineage, whose grace and blessings are all directly connected to our SHIVALOKA mission. They are the channels through which the beautiful power of our sacred creations and the enormous successes that arise from the spiritual processes we teach come to you, now, at the turn of the new Spiritual Age.

? - 1918

Shirdi Sai Baba

His miracle-filled life and the blessed experiences of his devotees are chronicled in the voluminous Sri Sai Satcharitra. “Take one step towards Me, I’ll take 99 towards you,” Baba said. As an avatara-incarnation of Sri Dattatreya, Baba lived an extraordinary but simple life in the tiny village of Shirdi. Over his lifetime, his soul magnetism attracted hundreds of thousands of devotees from all over India, who came to receive his darshan and blessings. “There is only one religion,” Baba declared, “Love.” Today, millions of devotees from across the globe pilgrimage to Baba’s mahasamadhi shrine in Shirdi, to feel the divine power and presence of this supreme spiritual master, who came to shepherd in a new Spiritual Age, the Saiyuga, the Age of Sai.

Sri Kaleshwar

In 1997, Sri Kaleshwar took yoga samadhi and soul-traveled to a meeting of the Divine Court. There, he requested permission to teach his students the Shakti Channels revealed in the ancient palm leaf books. Granted permission by the Divine Court, Sri Kaleshwar taught his students the true Shakti knowledge and the sadhana (practices) of the supreme spiritual masters — sadhanas that include darshan of Mother Divine (seeing and communicating with Mother Divine in the physical body). “My deeper aim,” he said, “is to connect everyone to Divine Mother. After 2000 years, this knowledge has come out with proof and evidence. No master for 2000 years has given a guarantee to connect to the real Mother in physical form, to receive amazing healing abilities and enlightenment channels. Once you experience Her energy, that energy is with you all the time. That energy purifies everything around you. Your soul turns as a divine soul.”

1973 - 2012


As a young man, Jesus traveled to and across India. Concentrating his efforts there on perfecting a series of advanced spiritual practices, known as the ‘Saptarishi Channels’, he gained his ‘PhD in Spirituality’ and became a living embodiment of Prema, Divine Love. Jesus then returned to his home in order to begin his part in the Divine Mission: to light a sacred spark in the world by introducing and sharing the wisdom and spiritual power he’d gained. Upon his resurrection, Jesus returned to India with his mother and several of his disciples. There, he continued to nurture their spiritual paths and ours. In time, his disciples, too, healed the sick and presented miracles, all as Namaissa, “in the name of Issa (Jesus)”.

Mother Mary

A master in her own right among the Essene, with direct ties to the spiritual teachings and practices of India, Mary used specific sadhana (spiritual practices) to ‘immaculately conceive’ Jesus. At the time of his death by crucifixion, she used another sadhana, called khandanayoga, to resurrect him (refix and return his soul to his body), with the help of vibhuti, sacred ash (see a painting of this in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem). After his resurrection, Mary traveled with Jesus to India. To this day, in the city of Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, there is a magnificent church erected in her honor. Behind it the samadhi shrine (burial crypt) of one of Jesus’ twelve disciples, Doubting Thomas, is found.

563 - 483 BC


In his research into divine consciousness, the Buddha’s greatest discovery is the Kala Chakra, the shakti center within us that connects us to Time. The advanced mantra-yantra sadhanas the Buddha developed provide clear knowledge of one’s past, present and future, unlocks the ability to soul travel and develops the direct experience of Silence as a living, eternal and radiant state-of-being. However, one of their initial primary purposes is to heal heartbreak, the most chronic mental-emotional block to spiritual growth, lifetime after lifetime. A divine soul, the embodiment of Shanti (perpetual peace), the Buddha’s teachings swept across India and set the tone of his times, in preparation for the coming of his fellow Divine Lineage brother, the revered Sri Adi Shankaracharya.

Mahavatar Babaji

Babaji is ageless. In The Second Coming of Christ, Paramahansa Yogananda states that when Jesus traveled to India, he spent time with Babaji in the Himalayas. In his Autobiography of a Yogi, Sri Yogananda also speaks of his master’s master, Lahirī Mahasaya, who in the late-1800s also met with Babaji in the flesh, describing his timeless master as being “in constant union with Christ.” Having given Sri Yogananda permission to publish an account of his immortal existence, Babaji also offered modern-day spiritual seekers in the East and the West another tremendous boon: his benediction bestowed on the path of the yogi-householder as an equally-important spiritual lifestyle.

1879 - 1950

Ramana Maharshi

The eternal embodiment of Shanti, Divine Peace, Ramana Marharshi spent nearly all of his life in Silence, under the sacred Arunachala mountain. “Aham Brahmasmi,” — I am ‘That’ (Brahman/Pure Consciousness) — was his unspoken creed. The radiance of his peace was undeniable. In 2007, at a gathering of students, Sri Kaleshwar spoke lovingly of his ‘brother, Ramana’. Then, he called for meditation. Seated in his chair on stage, with photos of the Divine Lineage behind him on the wall, Sri Kaleshwar said, “Let’s begin.” As everyone settled in, suddenly and without any fanfare, Kaleshwar turned and stared at Ramana Maharshi’s photo. Almost immediately, waves of the most sublime peace rolled over everyone present. Once we’d all opened our eyes again, he asked, “You see, isn’t it? We’re all connected.”

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

For 12 arduous years, Ramakrishna heartfully entreated Mother Divine for darshan (to see Her with his two eyes). Finally, he received that sacred boon. Soon after, she directed him to study with a Bhairavi-mata, a living avatara of Mother Divine, Herself. Through the advanced spiritual practices she taught him, Ramakrishna awakened to his full spiritual power. Many miracles are attributed to him throughout his life. It is commonly believed that his crowning achievements were and are his disciples, Vivekananda, who introduced the spiritual teachings of India to the West, and Ramakrishna’s wife, Sarada Devi, whose pure devotion to her husband and to Dharma (living one’s highest purpose) gave her access to tremendous spiritual power.

1836 - 1886

Adi Shankaracharya

Adi Shankara debated the sacred truths of the Vedas in every city across ancient India, authored the ‘Crest Jewel of Discrimination’ — the brilliant Vivekacudamani — and dictated a library of commentaries on the Vedic scriptures. He also founded India’s Dasanami Sampradaya, the Swami order, and established its four main mathas (monastic centers) in the four corners of the Indian subcontinent to promote liberation of the Soul-Self as the core of the Vedas’ spiritual wisdom. And, he did it all before taking mahasamadhi at 32. While a masterful teacher and orator-debater throughout his life, it was the time he spent studying with a Bhairavi-mata, an avatara of Mother Divine, and the advanced spiritual practices she offered that fully awakened his spiritual power.

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