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Blessing Mantra Altar Bowl


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Altar Bowls to Upgrade Your Sacred Space

Our Altar Bowls are sacred items used in ceremonies and pujas to hold sacred ash, sandalwood powder or kum-kum powder. Each altar bowl is hand-crafted with great attention to details and cast into 100% brass or Sterling silver, bringing beauty to the worship of gods and goddesses. What makes our altar bowls special are the intricate designs and mantras decorating each bowl, imbuing them with an even greater reverence and spiritual significance. 

Altar bowls, often combined with oil lamps, candles, incense and other puja items are a powerful spiritual tool and bring an aura of sacredness, focus, and tranquility to your space. Designed for ritual use, altar bowls can be used to hold offerings and provide a place of reverence on any altar. 

Whether you’re looking to create your own altar or seeking an altar bowl as a meaningful gift for someone special, altar bowls offer an energizing presence that inspires moments of prayer and contemplation. 

Our unique altar bowls are sure to elevate the spirit of your spiritual practice and bring delightful beauty to worship.