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Ceremony – Pure Myrrh Sacred Incense

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Divine Love Sacred Incense

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Sacred Incense to Promote Spiritual Wellbeing

Incense has been an important part of many spiritual traditions for ages – and for good reason. Incense is sacred because it brings all five elements together – earth, fire, water, air, and sky – to interact with each other in a scent that can transport us beyond the normal worldly realm. Our SHIVALOKA incense is made in India with 100% natural ingredients and provides numerous benefits in a single offering; it can purify the space from negative vibrations, transforming any environment into a holy space that induces peace and serenity while setting the mood for deep meditation experiences. 

Incense is an invaluable tool on our journey towards spiritual enlightenment and we are proud to offer this sacred incense to others on their path as well.