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Blessing Mantra Altar Bowl


With so much expression of fear and negativity in the world, we need a spiritual tool that easily bring us peace by guiding us daily to our inner sanctum and connects us to the Divine.

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Ceremony – Pure Myrrh Incense

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Manifest Destiny Incense

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Beautiful Altar Items to Create a Sacred Space

Altar items have been used in many spiritual traditions for decades. They serve as tools to help us establish a place of meditation, puja and spiritual ceremony. Our Altar bowls, oil lamps and sacred incense are essential altar items that can bring a sense of peace through daily ritual and contain the sacred energy of the ceremony. What makes our altar items unique is that they are still handmade in Bali with traditional methods. These altar items create harmony, balance and evoke sacredness; this allows us to reach higher dimensions allowing us to explore our own inner awareness and spirituality. Be it gracing your altar or assisting your spiritual ceremonies, our altar items help create a sacred space and inspire us on our spiritual journey.

The altar is an instrument to connect deeply with Divine energy. As we bring altar items into our spiritual practices, be mindful that the objects become sacred artifacts for your journey. Each altar item carries a specific power and can be used to amplify its own message of transformation. It may be a rock, crystal, flower, candle or sacred incense that speaks of protection or healing. If intentional consciousness is put into choosing altar items, they can help create an inviting container for our soul’s growth and connection to Spirit. Respect your altar items and give them honor as they support your spiritual endeavors.