Symbols Of Faith Mandalaka Incense Holder


Our Mandalaka incense holder is inspired by our Sacred Symbols Collection, bringing the world’s leading faiths together in one sacred circle of divine power. Featuring the Cross (Christianity), Buddha (Buddhism), the Om Symbol (Hindusim), Crescent Moon and Star (Islam), the Star of David (Judaism), Shiva’s Trinetra (Shaivism), Yin & Yang (Taoism), the Khanda (Sikhism), it combines power of these divine symbols into one sacred experience.We believe authentic spirituality serves love and creates the unity of humanity. Our Mandalaka incense holder celebrates oneness and is also a beautiful reminder in our relationship with the Divine: there is no separation, only love.


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This beautiful incense holder is made of 100% pure gold brass.

Size/Diameter: 7.5cm / 3”

Please use a soft cloth to wipe off the ash, do not use water or chemicals. You can use brass cleaner by putting small amount and working the liquid into cloth so not excess liquid goes into the carved and oxidized design, gently to polishing the surface when brass starts tarnishing.

“Mandalaka” is a term that originates from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, and it’s often associated with spiritual and ritual symbolism. The word “Mandala” refers to a geometric configuration of symbols and in a broader sense signifies the universe. It represents wholeness, unity, and harmony. In spiritual practices, mandalas are used as a tool for meditation, focusing attention, and establishing a sacred space. They are believed to symbolize the inner process by which individuals perceive the world and themselves. Each part of the mandala resonates with a different aspect of the universe and the self, aiding in personal growth and self-realization.