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Authentic Sacred Beads

Shivaloka designs and creates sacred power objects using only authentic sacred power beads and healing gems. The core ingredient is the Rudraksha Bead, a natural power object used by holy men and women since ancient times for its spiritual properties. Other sacred beads incorporated in our designs include Lotus Seeds, Sandalwood and Tulsi. Our commitment to authenticity guarantees you are receiving a genuine product made with high-vibrational ingredients – so that you can invest in good karma without worry and can feel confident you reap the most benefits from wearing these power beads.

Activated & Blessed

Through the grace of the Divine Masters in our spiritual lineage, we possess the knowledge and expertise to create authentic sacred power objects. We are privileged to be able to facilitate the blessing and authentic, spiritual activation of each sacred item, granting them power and potential to nurture balance, bring harmony, and open the channel for personal fulfilment. These items would otherwise remain simply decorative without this process. We warmly invite you on a journey of transformation by joining us in recognizing their divine energies through reverence and respect — allowing their high vibrations help elevate your path towards enlightenment!

Used & Approved by Enlightened Masters

Shivaloka was blessed by one of the most highly regarded Enlightened Masters, Sri Kaleshwar, with the dharma to heal and uplift humanity during this pivotal time in the history of mankind. Every blessed Shivaloka items allows you to connect to the Divine Masters in this lineage including Shirdi Sai Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Jesus, Mother Mary, Ramakrishna Paramahansa,  Buddha and Babaji. Their blessings can be experienced through SHIVALOKA’s sacred power objects.

Free Access to Shivaloka Academy

In order to get the full benefit of owning a personal power object, we not only provide you with the sacred item, but also offer the complete and practical knowledge of how to use it to manifest your intentions and receive the blessings it offers abundantly. You will gain access to Shivaloka Academy for free and learn everything you need to know to create divine results and receive spiritual protection and guidance.

Ancient Tradition

The knowledge of the use and creation of Sacred Power Objects is an ancient tradition, and the purity of this wisdom must be shared and protected with integrity and clarity. A lot of the knowledge we share cannot be googled or is not written in common Vedic books. This is knowledge of the supernatural saints of India.

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