Devika Blessing Goddess Earrings


Our Devika Blessing Goddess Earrings are a testament to divine beauty and spiritual richness. Handcrafted with .925 silver wire and adorned with a lavish 22-carat gold plating, these earrings feature 8 x 10mm faceted green agate oval gemstones complemented by a cascading arrangement of 4mm sacred rudraksha, green agate, and faceted amethyst beads. The Sanskrit word ‘Devika’ translates to ‘little goddess’, encapsulating the essence of feminine divinity. These earrings channel the power of the Divine Mother, Lakshmi, symbolizing confidence, competence, prosperity, and abundance. Blessed and fully activated, the Devika Earrings serve as a spiritual conduit, infusing your life with the divine energy of abundance and prosperity. They aren’t just an accessory, but a connection to the divine feminine, enhancing your spiritual journey while adding a touch of elegance to your ensemble.


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Devika देवीका in sanskrit means “Goddess”.

These beautiful earrings, made with sterling silver and plated in lustrous 22 carat gold, feature a stunning combination of 8 x 10mm faceted green agate oval gemstones and a gorgeous dangling display of 4mm rudraksha, green agate and faceted amethyst beads. This auspicious combination amplifies the power of Lakshmi within – radiating from you during meditation sessions, yoga practices and in everything you do. Allow this divine energy to guide you with greater confidence and competence towards experiencing true abundance in all aspects of life.

– made of 22 carat gold vermeil
– fish hook earrings
– length: approx 8cm / 3.5”
– weight: 14 gr
– 8 x 10mm faceted green agate oval gemstone
– dangling arrangement of 4mm sacred rudraksha, green agate and amethyst beads
– handmade in our production temple in Ubud, Bali

SHIVALOKA offers a truly special and divine experience like no other. Our sacred jewelry is blessed through the authentic Shakti activation process by spiritual masters, allowing you to easily access peace and clarity in your meditative practice. With each piece of soul jewelry, enjoy an energetic connection that amplifies protection from negativity as well as accelerating your spiritual growth beyond what could ever be imagined. Truly embark on an unforgettable journey through this unique offering!

Your soul has a unique spiritual connection with each sacred object. We awaken the dormant power within each object and unlock its bountiful potential! Our creations are blessed to bring forth their divine vibration and activate your true, sacred self. Every item will be an instrument of growth on your spiritual journey – seek, discover & thrive!