Spiritual Rituals

How To Become Pregnant
With Shiva

I had my first experience of Maha Shivaratri, the annual “holy night of Shiva”, while at my teacher’s ashram in Southern India, during which I had the surprising blessing of witnessing an amazing miracle: a group of Western students gave ‘birth’ to Atma Lingams, egg-shaped crystal stones that have tremendous healing powers and are created by consciously merging one’s soul energy with Shiva’s. As far as I knew, no group of Western students had ever done this before. Yet, after months of doing intense spiritual practices, there they were: throughout the night, with our Guruji and the rest of us watching on in silence, each student gave “birth” to an authentic Atma Lingam.

The whole thing was breathtaking, awe-inspiring and more. Breathtaking because it happened right in front of us. Awe-inspiring because it showed us we all have that same potential. And, more because it was a clear proof that we were slowly but surely becoming the sacred scientists our master said we must become to share these groundbreaking teachings and ancient discoveries with the whole world.

For me, that Maha Shivaratri night piqued my desire to know the Divine in its supernatural manifestations, to experience miracle energy, understand the spiritual mechanics and yield results. I truly started falling in love with Shiva while sitting on one of the flat rooftops at the ashram under the starry sky, where night after night for months, our Guruji Sri Kaleshwar had us meditate with one of Shiva’s most powerful mantras. I relished those nights for the deep silence I fell into and for the sublime experience of merging with the Divine, through the pure channels of the Cosmic Elements.

It wasn’t long after that intensive meditation process that Shiva came alive before my own two eyes, looking at me, speaking to me, blessing me.

Now, I’m aware that these experiences raise a lot questions and there will be a time to address those in more detail. My intention is to make you aware of spiritual possibilities and realities that even I didn’t know existed prior to those amazing events. For now, let me invite you to experience the otherworldly realm of Shiva.

The Amazing Benefits
Of A Sacred Fire Ceremony

In the summer of 2015, I stood in deep prayer in front of the blazing flames of a sacred fire ceremony in a powerful temple in India. I was about to turn 39 years old, I was single, my biological clock was ticking and I decided to take this auspicious opportunity to beg the Divine to bless my life with a beautiful child. Six months later, I found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it! It was a little miracle.

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