Ganesh Rituals
For Major Life Events

Overcome Obstacles & Win Success

Major life events, each filled with laughter or tears, are the cornerstones of every chapter of the book of our lives. Think back on yours.

We can’t re-write our past but we can change the narrative moving forward. There is nothing as cathartic as a story of a phoenix rising from the ashes because it constitutes the dawn of new consciousness — a new, more authentic, more powerful version of ‘you’. Because life events set the course and tone of our present and future, they are considered auspicious opportunities for success and transformation.

Bring Ganesh energy in you and ask to control the negativity, Ganesh is sucking the energy from Mother Divine.

- Sri Kaleshwar

Success requires the assistance of a divine force specialized in the creation of auspicious beginnings. There is no divine character more powerful than Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, as no other sacred energy channel has the magnitude and capacity to remove the obstacles in your path and create success for anyone, who heartfully seeks his divine power and blessings.

When we connect to Ganesh — in meditation, through his prayers or through sacred power objects — we receive the power and consciousness to manifest the solutions to any problems and transcend any limitations or difficulties. By merging with Ganesh’s divine power, we gain command over the divine energy that has the power to positively transform the negativity, which attempts to divert or stop us in our tracks.

Below is a list of important events and spiritual rituals to call upon
Ganesh’s personal blessing for your success:

When you embark on a new journey

So many things can go wrong when you travel. Break a brown coconut infused with your positive intentions and chant praises to Ganesh for a smooth journey ahead. Travel with your Ganesh mala or a pocket-sized Ganesh murthi (fully activated sacred power icon) to keep Ganesh’s vibrant energy with you wherever you go.

When you start a new project

One part, the ‘art of the start’ for a new project lies in creating powerful protection circles around your project. To set the energetic stage for success, begin with a Milk Bath Puja (Abhishek) offering to Lord Ganesh, along with personal prayers sealed with his mantra.

When you write a book

Every writer has experienced writer’s block. To prevent (or resolve) this, make chanting one of the Ganesh mantras part of your writing rituals. No matter what the circumstance is, Ganesh’s sublime energy will help unleash a new stream of consciousness and creativity.

When you start your meditation practice

Authentic spiritual masters always start their day and their meditation processes by first honoring and connecting to Ganesh, who is the initial sacred latchkey, which opens greater access to every authentic spiritual channel and helps protect your practice. Meditate with your Ganesh meditation mala for an a new depth of divine experiences.

When you face a lot of obstacles and worries

When you feel stuck, overwhelmed or blocked, meditate for 41 days with a Ganesh Mantra and pray to Him to help you overcome the problems and worries in your life.

When you're having a baby

Welcoming a new soul, with divine blessing, can be life-changing for a baby. There are spiritual doors a soul passes through, and at each step you, as a parent and guide, can make a significant impact. During pregnancy, the mother can make a glorious impact on her baby by wearing fully activated & blessed soul jewelry touching her belly.

Along with offerings to Ganesh and Mother Divine, special enlightenment mantras can be introduced by the mother to bless her child, at the time of birth and after.

When you start a new job

Establishing a new career path or integrating into a new work environment can be a challenge. To help overcome obstacles and smoothen the path, do the following ritual prior to taking your first steps:

hold a brown coconut up to your heart, offer prayers to Ganesh —as well as your proposed intentions — while you do, then break the coconut to release your intentions, infused with Ganesh’s power, into your immediate environment, which creates and maintains sacred protection circles around your intended endeavors.

Also, for a minimum of 41 days, wear your fully activated & blessed Ganesh mala. Traditionally, you can also wear a turmeric thread blessed by sacred mantras for protection, as well.

When you move into a new home

To sanctify the move into a new abode and generate the most life-supporting energy for your home so that it will attract greater & greater positive energy and protect you from negativity, place a Ganesh statue at the entrance of your home.

Ganesh will protect everything and everyone behind him, so it’s important he is facing the door, welcoming visitors as they enter. Offer fresh fruit and sacred incense to Ganesh, each day, as it attracts his attention… He loves the smell of sweet fragrances!

When you want to bless someone with success

A few simply yet very effective ways to bless someone with success are as follows: light a candle and pray for his/her/their health, wealth and happiness; gift an authentic sacred power object; do acts of selfless service on his/her/their behalf.

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