Five Elements Yantra Meditation Mala


Are you searching for a way to connect with the divine forces in Nature? Our Five Elements Yantra mala features the ancient Five Elements Yantra, a sacred symbol, used by Divine Masters to create spiritual fulfillment by aligning with Nature’s elemental forces, unlocking harmony, balance, and higher consciousness. Each element embodied by this Mala plays a vital role. The onyx, representing Earth, offers protection, grounding you in the reality of your physical existence. Fire, depicted by carnelian, ignites vitality, fuelling your life force. Sky (akasha) is represented by clear crystal, bestowing clarity to perceive the truth beyond illusions. Water, symbolized by pearl, brings peace, calming your emotional body. Air, given form by green aventurine, fosters connection, enabling you to communicate with the world around you. The Five Elements Yantra Mala goes beyond the physical world, reaching into the spiritual realm. It helps open your 3rd Eye, increasing your soul capacity and empowering your Brahma Consciousness. This spiritually activated mala is the perfect meditation accessory for the Five Elements Meditation & Healing System as taught in our SAI Academy. Transform your life into a heart-centered, soul-awakened reality in conscious connection with the Divine.


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  • Creates harmony and balance
  • Aligns with the Five Elements in Nature
  • Bestows clarity beyond illusions
  • Brings peace, calms emotions
  • Deepens connection with the Divine
  • Increases soul capacity
  • Strengthens Brahma Consciousness

The Maha Panchabhutas, or the Five Great Elements—earth, water, fire, air, and sky (ether)—are considered the fundamental components of the universe in many spiritual traditions. They symbolize the basic principles of life, and understanding their interconnectedness leads to higher consciousness. A Yantra, on the other hand, is a sacred geometric diagram used as a tool in meditation. It serves as a conduit to connect with higher consciousness and divine energies. Incorporating a Yantra in your meditation practice can help focus the mind, advance your meditation, promote inner peace, and boost spiritual growth. The use of a Yantra representing the Maha Panchabhutas can be particularly beneficial. It allows you to harmonize with the elemental forces, balance your energy, and unlock your potential, leading to a more fulfilling and enlightened spiritual journey.

  • Crafted in 100% Brass, goldplated with 22 karat gold
  • Design: embossed yantra ‘natural’/’hammered’ background
  • Size: 1.27″ (3.2 cm) diameter plus top loop
  • Approx Weight: 16gr

Mala – Rudraksha

  • Bead size: 0.36” (8mm)
  • Length: 102 beads plus 5 matching-sized gemstones and 1 matching-sized silver spacer

Mala – Sacred Gemstones

  • Earth: 8mm onyx (protection)
  • Fire: 8mm faceted carnelian (vitality)
  • Sky/Akasha: 8mm faceted crystal clear (clarity)
  • Water: 8mm freshwater pearl (peace)
  • Air: 8mm faceted green aventurine (connection)

This elegant Five Elements Yantra mala has been authentically activated to give you more open access to your deeper spiritual channels and a clearer vision of your highest purpose in this life. It radiates divine peace and increases a sense of oneness, while it opens your heart and mind and protects your daily life.


Length may vary slightly due to natural beads.


This mantra necklace is handmade by local artisans in our own production temple in Bali.


This mantra is ideal for use in connection with the Five Elements Meditation & Healing System. Learn more here.

To receive the greatest benefit from your sacred power objects, we recommend using it with a mantra meditation practice, using authentic, high-vibrational Vedic mantras. This will amplify and continue to grow the power of your already powerfully activated and blessed sacred item. Your sacred beads acts as a storage vessel for divine power, so it’s of immense, personal benefit to keep charging your sacred object through active meditation practice and participation in important spiritual ceremonies, devotional rituals and heartful prayer.


Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

With purchase of our sacred power objects, you will receive FREE access to our SAI Academy, where we teach you everything you need to know about sacred power objects, how to use them, including how to protect, heal and manifest. We share the best mantras, guide your meditation and support you on your spiritual journey.


Every SHIVALOKA sacred power object is activated & blessed in an authentic Shakti activation process by spiritual masters. When you first start meditating with our highly charged sacred objects, you can experience the energetic difference immediately –  in comparison to other generic malas on the market. 


If used according to our best guidelines, your meditation will not only feel easier and smoother, it will also offer you a greater access to peace, clarity and protection from negativity, building a powerful foundation in life while accelerating your spiritual practice in beautiful and unexpected ways.