Shiva’s Third Eye Yantra Power Pendant


Introducing the Shiva Third Eye Yantra Pendant, a gateway to divine reality. Created to advance meditators, spiritual seekers, and devotees of Shiva in their spiritual journey, this pendant encapsulates the profound power of Shiva’s Third Eye.

Crafted with precision and devotion, it features the ancient sacred symbol of Shiva’s Third Eye that was researched and recorded by enlightened masters in palm leaf books. Protected and kept secret for millenia, this power yantra was known only to the sacred keepers of these enlightenment technologies. Through the grace and will of the Divine, these ancient tools are now made available to everyone who is ready to elevate their consciousness and fully awaken. By meditating upon the Third Eye of Shiva, one can transcend the limits of the physical world and journey into the realms of pure wisdom and enlightenment. Access Shiva’s Third Eye and behold the universe in all its divine glory.



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  • Awakens your Third Eye energy
  • Access Shiva’s Third Eye
  • Profound Spiritual Experiences
  • Elevate Your Consciousness
  • Enter a New Divine Reality

Shiva’s Third Eye holds a unique position of power and reverence. Located in the middle of his forehead, his Third Eye is a power center of spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. It is said that Shiva received this divine gift from none other than the Mother Divine herself. The story goes that during a period of intense meditation, Shiva was so deeply immersed in his spiritual practice that he failed to notice the arrival of Mother Divine. To bring him back to worldly consciousness, she playfully covered his eyes with her hands. This plunged the universe into darkness, causing panic among the gods. Realizing the chaos caused by the sudden darkness, Shiva opened his third eye, and a beam of light emerged, illuminating the universe and restoring balance.


The Third Eye of Shiva is more than just a powerful symbol; it serves a profound purpose. It represents the ability to perceive beyond the physical realm, to see the subtle energies and realities that exist beyond our normal vision. It is associated with intuition, clairvoyance, and spiritual awakening. Those who meditate upon Shiva’s third eye are said to gain insight into the mysteries of existence, understand the interconnectedness of all beings, and achieve a state of higher consciousness. In essence, the Third Eye of Shiva is a gateway to the divine, offering an enlightened perspective on the cosmos and our place within it.

Shiva’s Third Eye Power Pendant has been activated and blessed and features the ancient Yantra of Shiva’s Third Eye.


The power yantra pendant is created on .925 oxidized silver or 22k gold plated brass 


Available in 14k, 18k or 22k gold upon request as custom order.

  • pendant diameter: 4 cm/ 1.6“

Please note that the pendant is not sold with a chain necklace.

Handcrafted by artisans in our own production temple in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Experience the full potential of your Yantra Power Pendant by incorporating it into your mantra meditation practice, specifically with enriching Vedic Shiva mantras. This not only amplifies but also magnifies the divine power already present in your blessed pendant. Think of your pendant as a divine power reservoir that you can continuously access through active meditation, spiritual ceremonies, devotional rituals, and heartfelt prayer.


But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

When you purchase our sacred power objects, you get complimentary access to our SAI Academy. We created an exclusive course for SHIVALOKA customers, guiding you through the world of sacred power objects, teaching you their uses and how to protect, heal, and manifest with them. We provide you with ancient mantras, tailor your meditation, and support you throughout your spiritual journey.


Each SHIVALOKA power object is magically brought to life, infused with potent energy through an authentic Shakti activation process performed by spiritual masters. From the moment you begin your meditative journey with our vibrantly charged malas, you’ll perceive a distinctive surge of energy, setting us apart from the mundane malas that flood the market.


When harnessed following our expert guidelines, your meditation transcends from a mere practice to an enriching experience. It will flow seamlessly, ushering you into realms of tranquility, clarity, and building resilience against negativity. This creates a formidable foundation for your life, fast-tracking your spiritual journey in powerful and unexpected ways.