Shiva’s Third Eye Yantra Power Bracelet


Are you prepared to ignite your Third Eye energy and discover the mysteries it holds?

We bring you Shiva’s Third Eye Yantra Power Bracelet, a gateway to profound inner experiences. Designed to enhance the spiritual journey of meditators, spiritual enthusiasts, and followers of Shiva, this power bracelet features the sacred symbol that embodies the immense energy of Shiva’s Third Eye. Created with meticulous attention to detail and reverence, it showcases the age-old sacred yantra of Shiva’s Third Eye, preserved and documented by enlightened sages in palm leaf manuscripts. Guarded and concealed for thousands of years, this potent yantra was only known to the holy custodians of these enlightenment techniques. Through the divine’s grace and intent, these ancient instruments are now accessible to all those eager to amplify their consciousness and awaken fully. By focusing on the Third Eye of Shiva during meditation, one can surpass the boundaries of the material world and voyage into domains of cosmic wisdom and illumination. Experience Shiva’s Third Eye and witness the universe in its magnificent splendor.


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  • Awakens your Third Eye energy
  • Access Shiva’s Third Eye
  • Profound Spiritual Experiences
  • Elevate Your Consciousness
  • Enter a New Divine Reality

Shiva’s Third Eye, nestled in his forehead, is a potent symbol of spiritual wisdom and enlightenment, a divine gift from Mother Divine herself. Legend tells of a time when Shiva was so engrossed in meditation that he didn’t notice her arrival. To rouse him, she playfully covered his eyes, plunging the universe into darkness and causing chaos. To restore balance, Shiva opened his third eye, casting a brilliant light that illuminated the universe.


More than just a powerful symbol, Shiva’s Third Eye signifies the power to see beyond the physical, to perceive subtle energies and realities invisible to the normal eye. It symbolizes intuition, clairvoyance, and spiritual awakening. Meditating on Shiva’s third eye is said to unlock the mysteries of existence, reveal our interconnectedness, and elevate consciousness. In short, Shiva’s Third Eye is a divine portal, offering an enlightened viewpoint on the cosmos and our place within it.


Imbued with divine blessings and activated with spiritual energies, the Shiva Third Eye Yantra Power Bracelet features the age-old Yantra of Shiva’s Third Eye.

This powerful accessory includes 8 mm genuine Rudraksha beads, intricately placed between .925 silver or 22k gold-plated brass spacer bead and pendant, all strung on a durable elastic thread.

For those desiring a luxurious touch, we offer customization options in 14k, 18k, or 22k gold upon request.

Size Recommendations for Women:

  • Size 0 (Extra Small) & Size 1 (Small): Ideal for very delicate small wrists
  • Size 1 (Small): Suitable for small wrists
  • Size 2 (Medium): Perfect for medium to stronger wrists

Size Recommendations for Men:

  • Size 2 (Medium): Ideal for medium-built wrists (a common fit for many men)
  • Size 3 (Large): Suitable for medium to stronger wrists
  • Size 4 (Extra Large): Designed for very large, strongly built wrists (few men require this size, as Size 3 is often sufficient)

Please refer to our size guide for correct sizing:

Consider your comfort preference – whether you favor a relaxed or snug fit. To maintain the longevity of the elastic thread, it’s recommended to gently roll the beads over your hand onto your wrist rather than stretching the elastic.

Each bracelet is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans in our dedicated production temple located in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Experience the full potential of your Yantra Power Bracelet by incorporating it into your mantra meditation practice, specifically with enriching Vedic Shiva mantras. This not only amplifies but also magnifies the divine power already present in your blessed pendant. Think of your bracelet as a divine power reservoir that you can continuously access through active meditation, spiritual ceremonies, devotional rituals, and heartfelt prayer.


But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

When you purchase our sacred power objects, you get complimentary access to our SAI Academy. We created an exclusive course for SHIVALOKA customers, guiding you through the world of sacred power objects, teaching you their uses and how to protect, heal, and manifest with them. We provide you with ancient mantras, tailor your meditation, and support you throughout your spiritual journey.



Each SHIVALOKA power object is magically brought to life, infused with potent energy through an authentic Shakti activation process performed by spiritual masters. From the moment you begin your meditative journey with our vibrantly charged malas, you’ll perceive a distinctive surge of energy, setting us apart from the mundane malas that flood the market.


When harnessed following our expert guidelines, your meditation transcends from a mere practice to an enriching experience. It will flow seamlessly, ushering you into realms of tranquility, clarity, and building resilience against negativity. This creates a formidable foundation for your life, fast-tracking your spiritual journey in powerful and unexpected ways.