Secret, Spiritual Knowledge

What Every Yogi Needs To Know
About Mother Divine

Excerpts taken from various talks by divine master, Sri Kaleshwar

Mother Divine Created Your Soul In Her Womb

From the earliest time in the Indian tradition they worshipped Mother Divine’s womb – Her birthing place. It is the holy spot we all came from. Still in some temples there are huge statues of the womb. They knew the inner secrecy.

We all came from the Mother. All the souls were first created in the Divine Mother’s womb. Every creation, every soul, is linked with the Mother’s womb. Mother Divine is the Mother to every soul in this universe. She doesn’t belong to any religion at all. The Mother is the universal god/goddess. That Mother created your mother, that mother created you.

The female energy is necessary in the Nature. In the Vedic tradition, they say Nature is the Mother, and God is the Father. Some say, without God there is no Nature. Others say, without Nature there is no God. I agree that without Nature, there is no God. After understanding God and taking the fundamentals of God, we can take off using the Nature. In Nature, we can create incredible supernatural things.

The Re-Awakening
of the Divine Feminine

Since ancient times, spiritual masters have known and taught that God (Brahman) manifests as the Father and Mother, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and that, from the seed of the Divine Father, Mother Divine birthed, nurtures and guides this Creation as Her own.

In truth, all of Creation is Mother Divine, with every soul being a part of Her soul and everything in existence being a part of Her, made-manifest.

Why Healers Should Wear

You are using malas to do the mantras. If you’re a spiritual person and you’re meditating and meditating with a mala of holy beads, lotus and rudraksha, it pulls the highest positive energy and it keeps it like a treasure of your energy. If you keep it around your neck, even if you’re not doing any meditation, it can make your energy balanced. Not crystals. Crystals are okay. Lotus and rudraksha seeds, natural.

5 Spiritual Practices
To Connect With Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba is truly a worldwide divine phenomenon. During his lifetime, he lived the simple life of a beggar with one sole purpose: to bless those who seek his help and healing. There are hundreds of accounts during his lifetime of miracles he performed, thousands supernatural healings and events have been shared and credited to him. His fame has grown far beyond the Indian subcontinent since his death in 1918, a hundred years ago. Today, millions of devotees visit his samadhi (tomb) in Shirdi every year, many traveling weeks to get to the small pilgrimage town of Shirdi, and once reached, they wait sometimes days in line with thousands of other devotees, just to get a glimpse of his tomb and a profound moment in the presence of this Almighty character to pray and give thanks.

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