The Re-Awakening
of the Divine Feminine

Since ancient times, spiritual masters have known and taught that God (Brahman) manifests as the Father and Mother, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and that, from the seed of the Divine Father, Mother Divine birthed, nurtures and guides this Creation as Her own.

In truth, all of Creation is Mother Divine, with every soul being a part of Her soul and everything in existence being a part of Her, made-manifest.

Yet, of all the sacred wisdom that has been lost or diverted into obscurity, tracking this is easiest: Humanity, in its ignorance, focused on the physical dominance of the male, as a sign of greater prowess, and subjugated the feminine; when, in spiritual truth, women are 12X times more powerful than men, spiritually speaking.

Over the Ages, it got to the point that power, itself, was deemed to be masculine; and, whenever a woman displayed hers, she was deemed less than acceptable, cubby-holed, disgraced or worse. By extension, cultures and societies across the globe, and throughout the generations, suffered unnecessarily, in a spiraling imbalance.

For countless lifetimes, Sri Kaleshwar’s dharma has centered around the truth of Mother Divine and spreading that truth, through direct spiritual experiences, to reawaken a deeper and clearer understanding in us all.

During this lifetime, connecting his students directly to Mother Divine has been the primary aim of his teachings and practices. In the face of the common perception that profound and direct spiritual experiences are somehow fanciful, circumspect, trickery or, perhaps, evil or negative, and ‘ultimately’ inconsequential, Sri Kaleshwar has proved the exact opposite, to his students — not through his words or actions but the results of the spiritual practices.

Like Jesus before him, Sri Kaleshwar consciously pointed his Eastern wisdom towards the West, to bridge the gap between from the East to the West.

He shared the practices that make it possible to experience the Divine Mother.

Seeing the Divine Mother with your physical eyes is necessary to receive certain blessings from Her. She takes on an embodiment in the five elements to interact and bless you with boons. During darshan with the Mother, you receive a download of shakti. It is an enlightenment stage; your soul is transformed through merging with Mother Divine’s energy. During that experience, She raises you to Her level. After that, the Mother’s energy is always with you, and the essence of your relationship with the creation and the five elements changes. Your soul now has a greater influence on the fabric of Creation itself as the Mother is training you to be an instrument of Her shakti.

The reawakening of the world to the Divine Mother will reawaken a reverence for Nature. The Mother teaches us the connectedness of all life through Nature. As we respect and honor it, Nature will reveal Her secrets to us, and give us everything we need, as it did the ancient rishis.

As awareness of the Divine Mother grows, seeing women as embodiments of the Divine Mother will also grow. Sri Kaleshwar said that no society can rise unless it recognizes women as embodiments of Shakti (the Divine Feminine), and creating suffering in women will lead to the destruction of civilization. “Kingdoms have been lost because of women’s tears,” Sri Kaleshwar said. Without proper regard for women, it is not possible to connect with the Divine Mother. This is a spiritual law.

Women will lead humanity in the coming age, helping to bring cooperation, compassion and unity to society. Women are naturally powerful healers and creators. The birth of Jesus demonstrates the creative potential not only of Mary but of every woman. Every woman has the same ability to bring enlightenment to the child in her womb. As women use this ancient spiritual technology today, they will create a new generation of illuminated souls that will bring peace and healing to the world.

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