How To Manifest At Will

Manifestation Secrets Of The Ancient Masters

Today, I’m sharing a key technique with you that I use to manifest what I want, at will — it’s an incredibly consistent and powerful manifestation process, a secret that enlightened masters use. It is, in fact, a big part of how their work is so successful, on behalf of Humanity. It’s a process that you can do, too, and get results.

I’ve applied this technique successfully for needs and intentions of high priority in my life, from finding my true spiritual path, to finding my soulmate, recovering lost objects of priceless value to winning advanced spiritual abilities and gaining success and protection for my business as well as for my students and employees. The essence of our common reality is an energetic field of pure creativity. By increasing your sankalpam (willpower) through sadhana like, japa meditation (mental repetition of mantras), participating in sacred rituals and implementing potent manifestation techniques, you imprint this creative field and pull your heart’s desires into creation. Once you understand the advanced spiritual laws of karma and reciprocity, you’re playing in the league of the Masters.

Making Deals with the Divine

Life is lived in and through relationships. The fundamental mechanism in all relationships is exchange. This spiritual technique overrides any blocks and negative karmas in your way. It’s essentially a contract with the Divine. More potent than prayer, it opens channels of Divine reciprocity by utilizing the karmic mechanism of exchange, paving the way for success. You want something and you’ll give something in exchange for it.

How To Make a Deal with the Divine

Think of this as a divine business transaction. That may not sound very spiritual but, here, ‘business’ means “doing your level best in a win-win exchange”. To accomplish this, you must establish a mutual value for the desire you wish to see fulfilled by the Divine.

The Divine Deal Master

In Shirdi Baba’s history, every day, several people used to come to visit him in his Dwarkamai. He used to sit and give them some healings, some interviews, solving the problems and sitting there. By the evening, he would have some coins. He never did it for free. He never did it for free. Whenever someone came asking, ”Swami, Baba, can you heal me?” − he knows what you have, what you’re really attached to. That is the most important thing what I’m saying − Datta Kriya. Kriya means actions.

- Sri Kaleshwar

What to offer in a deal with the Divine

Sri Kaleshwar always directed us to make deals specifically with one divine character:

Shirdi Sai Baba, his master and an incarnation of Dattatreya, which means all three sacred aspects — Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma — merged into one. Baba is the powerful divine expression for this age. He gave this formula himself, in fact, when he said, “Take 1 step towards Me, I’ll take 99 steps towards you.” You set your intention, offer your best-gift — that’s your 1% — and Baba will take care of the rest.

Our highest recommendation: Sincerely test this! If you want to see your deal blossom with the Divine, choose to make it with Shirdi Sai Baba.

To learn more about this divine master of the masters, check out this blog

In the early days, when I tried to formulate an offer and a deal, I would get stuck in my head — confused, frustrated and always overthinking it because I wasn’t able to accept, in an open-hearted way, that there was any real practicality to this.

What I soon learned, from practical experience grounded in my spiritual practices, is that it’s always about your heart — from there, think what’s worth giving and doing to receive the fulfillment of your wishes. The more straight and simple you keep it, the better.

Imagine you could change your family karma forever. There’s been so much pain and suffering for years. You would give anything to change that, right? So what would you actually give to transform it? Answer that with your heart, honestly and simply.

It’s important to recognize that Baba doesn’t expect an actual arm-&-a-leg in exchange, not literally. But, he does expect you to go beyond your attachments and truly offer and do your best, from your heart. Let’s be honest, money and personal conveniences are pretty big attachments for most of us. If we’re not sincerely willing to see beyond them, how can we expect the Divine to take us seriously, in exchange?

Offers that work

  • Donate — or offer a monthly monetary donation for a specific period of time — to a charitable organization you trust
  • Sincerely sacrifice something you personally have great attachment to, i.e., give up a favorite food or alcohol, chocolate, etc., for life.
  • Take care of others in some specific way, i.e.: volunteer to help the elderly, the poor or the sick; feed and clothe the hungry and homeless; choose specific souls and support them in whatever way you can.
  • Any kind of selfless service that comes from the heart really wins the grace of the Divine.

You can always combine any of the beautiful options above. Let your heart honestly tell you how much and what to “invest” in order to fulfill your part of the deal.

What not to do when you make a deal

  • Don’t be a greedy miser: don’t think about what you don’t have — or won’t truly commit to giving — and base your deals on that. No. Offer what you can and commit to it. Any heartful form of giving, any sacrific or effort you make, counts. Just make sure you feel, from your heart, that your part of the deal measures up to the value of what you want, as a fair exchange, something you are capable, now, of fulfilling.
  • Don’t offer promises that are only possible to keep in the distant future. You’re instigating the deal, therefore, you have to at least place your “investment” on the table, right from the start. Make a deal with what you can do now. No pie-in-the-sky, just simple, doable and with an open, trusting heart.

Important advice

  • Hand your problems over to the Divine. They’re not yours to keep. They’re yours to give. Let the Divine take care of you. That’s part of the Divine’s deal with you.
  • Trust, don’t doubt…every ounce of doubt only delays or diverts your fulfillment.
  • Practicing Faith & Patience creates the peace with which you’ll receive the divine blessings.

When your deal doesn’t seem to be working

If you have made deals and certain things are not happening in your life, it means you have to think about what you really missed in your deal. That’s a trick. Where you lost it, where you missed your part of the deal. Perhaps, you promised you would never drink alcohol. You gave it up. Then you sneaked and started drinking again. Fine. A few people promised me, “Swami, I will never again drink alcohol. I gave it up. I’m surrendering. I’m putting alcohol at your feet. I’m done.” Later on, they’re sneaking and drinking. I don’t need to give troubles to them. The inner judge will give a punch.

- Sri Kaleshwar

When to make deals with the Divine?

Make a deal when you know the results are beyond your efforts, influence and current capacity. Remember, with the Divine, it’s never a matter of you being unworthy. It’s a matter of you being willing to commit and, then, following through from your side. That’s a spiritual law.

What is the most auspicious timing to manifest your soul desires?

The energy of Full Moon naturally opens your heart more fully. It’s a great, energetically supported time for fulfilment and manifestation, especially the Guru Purnima Full Moon, which also adds a direct supportive link to the Guruparampara, the lineage of divine masters. During these times, they bless anything you place in front of them with an open heart.

What is the best supporting spiritual practice to do when making a deal with the Divine?

Without a doubt, sacred fire ceremonies are the top choice. Together, their transformational power and your heartful desires can create miracles.

What is the ‘secret sauce’ for divine success?

Practice faith and patience until you’re confident you’ve mastered them…and express love. Simple as that, and yes, as hard as that, because they take practice — they’re not something we do always, competently and consistently. Too often, when we look for fulfillment of our desires and towards the Divine, our natural responses are doubt, anxiety and impatience, etc. Making deals with the Divine help us to overcome these blocks, too. That’s one of the perks.

May the Divine always bless & protect you.

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