What Every Yogi Needs To Know
About Mother Divine

Excerpt from talks by Sri Kaleshwar

Excerpts taken from various talks by divine master, Sri Kaleshwar

Mother Divine Created Your Soul In Her Womb

From the earliest time in the Indian tradition they worshipped Mother Divine’s womb – Her birthing place. It is the holy spot we all came from. Still in some temples there are huge statues of the womb. They knew the inner secrecy.

We all came from the Mother. All the souls were first created in the Divine Mother’s womb. Every creation, every soul, is linked with the Mother’s womb. Mother Divine is the Mother to every soul in this universe. She doesn’t belong to any religion at all. The Mother is the universal god/goddess. That Mother created your mother, that mother created you.

The female energy is necessary in the Nature. In the Vedic tradition, they say Nature is the Mother, and God is the Father. Some say, without God there is no Nature. Others say, without Nature there is no God. I agree that without Nature, there is no God. After understanding God and taking the fundamentals of God, we can take off using the Nature. In Nature, we can create incredible supernatural things.

You Only Need To ‘Taste’
A Drop Of Her Energy

One part, God is formless. But we’re talking here about a female nature. When you’re sitting in front of the ocean sometimes it’s completely pin drop silence, the waves are very calm. Sometimes it’s really wild, isn’t it? What’s happening there? What is that energy making it like that? It’s formless, but it can create any form.

She’s an unbelievable vast ocean. You can’t drink all of Her drops of water. You can digest, but not completely. Some is still left. That is Her. The whole universe is Her creation. There’s no end to Her creation. She’s infinite. But you’re also a part of that Infinity.

Once you experience Her energy, that energy is with you all the time.
That energy purifies everything around you. Your soul turns as a divine soul.

- Sri Kaleshwar

The Nature Is Your Teacher

She is the Nature. She is the teacher. We can learn everything from the Nature; everything is there.

Just observe Her Creation, Her Nature. Until you know Her, it is not that simple to understand this Creation. It’s not that easy.

Mother is the top, top supernatural character on this planet. Everything came from Her – the bad and the good. She created the tiger. She created the lamb.

She is the woman of huge love. She is also, same part, a woman of huge anger. One part is positive. One part is negative. But I’m not seeing Her in a negative way. I’m not seeing Her in a positive way. She is, She is. That’s it. She is the Mother plus Divine. In the Divine, there is the opposite; it’s everything.

In the Nature you can see very beautiful flowers and beautiful lakes. It is gorgeous. This same Nature brings huge earthquakes, floods, and many disasters. It’s terrible. Mother Divine’s Nature is like that. Once She starts to calm down, here you go. Anything, whatever you want, you can receive from Her.

You should taste Her in both ways then only you can really understand Her; otherwise, no way. Otherwise, there is no fragrance in your life. You didn’t understand the real truth. Just you were born, you lived only on the surface, then you died; it’s over, gone.

Mother is unbelievably loving, caring, sharing, loving. True love. You surrender. You respect Her. Yes. She knows how to take care of you. The Divine Mother is the big Mother to take care of you. Your goal is to connect to Mother Divine, you have to have the desire to hook Her. Once you enter into your Mother’s home, She will take care of you and give whatever you really want. Don’t ever get a bad opinion on Mother even though I describe Her background how she’s a little angry sometimes. Once you really want Her, and your heart is open to Her, 100% She’ll come and She’ll take care of you. She’s unbelievably kind.

So the point here, whenever you have the pain, your soul needs to get enlightened, you’re connecting to your physical mother’s Womb Chakra.

Just like She can create a powerful earthquake on the planet, She can create an earthquake in your soul by suddenly taking away something or someone you are so attached to. She has the perfect illusion for each soul. Any testing, any illusions, any blocks, whatever frustrations you’re going through in your family life, your business life, it’s all a part of the game of the Mother. It’s another kind of tsunami earthquake.

For a temporary period, She’s a little strict with you to put you in a good condition. What benefit does She get giving you a punishment? Nothing. Even if She’s a little tough on you, how much you react to Her, She notices that. Surrender. It’s fine. That’s it. You’re reaching the step of a divine person.

You have to know how to swim in the waves of Her actions. A big ocean wave is hitting, you are swimming in the middle of the ocean. You need to follow the ocean wave. You’ll win it. You cannot swim that easily against the wave, no.

At the time you see Mother Divine, you are equal to a divine soul. It’s the most crucial turning point in your life. To see the Mother your eyes have to be open.

Bead Characteristics

Twelve distinct lines run across the convoluted surface of the 12-mukhi (or 12-’faced’) Rudraksha. The bead’s color is consistent throughout.

When to make deals with the Divine?

Just surrender to Mother Nature. She’s the only lady whom you can ask for protection. She’s the only lady who can bless you hugely. She’s the big Mother. At the same time, try to understand what is really running there in the Nature – family, children, attachments, illusions, the bonds, the relationship attachments, sicknesses, diseases, sufferings, fear, unworthiness, guilt, happiness, joy, wisdom, knowledge.

Once you taste everything and walk out then what is new there? Then all of a sudden such energy will enter your soul without your notice and it will grind in you. Then you will become the real sattvic (purity).

Sri Kaleshwar (1973-2012) is one of the most pivotal spiritual masters of our time, having shared with his students the authentic sacred knowledge and practices of the Divine Lineage and the Saptarishis, the original seven Vedic seers. As predicted in the Kalagyana by India’s ancient oracle-sage, Veerabrahmendra, Sri Kaleshwar was, himself, an avatar and incarnated Saptarishi, who came to teach the world about the reality of Mother Divine, the Holy Womb Chakra and the secret sacred formulas of creation have never been shared with the world before. “I am not here to teach the alphabets [introductory basics]” he said. What Sri Kaleshwar taught was “the PhD course in Spirituality” so that we might each directly access and perpetually experience the divine cosmic power, which we all carry within us, as a source of miraculous energy, wisdom and bliss. His mission was and is to ensure we all gain the capacity to make our own unique spiritual contributions to the world, as part of the sacred solutions needed to overcome the challenging problems mankind faces today.

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