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Healing – 3 Mukhi

Health & Purification


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Siddha Power Mukhi Mala Shirdi Baba


With so much expression of fear and negativity in the world, we need a spiritual tool that easily bring us peace by guiding us daily to our inner sanctum and connects us to the Divine.

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Elegant Gold & Silver Bracelets

For those looking to be inspired for their next look, our collection of bracelets will open up a whole new world of choices. Beautiful silver and gold bracelets will enhance everyone’s style, adding simple elegance. For a stylish cohesive look, pair your new piece with matching silver or gold jewellery. Our jewellery is crafted from gold vermeil are ideal for adding warmth to your favourite outfits, from sun dresses to casual jeans and a tee. You’ll adore your new piece adorning your wrist.

Sterling silver is the ideal metal for everyday bangles. The cool tones of silver bracelets will take you flawlessly from morning to night. Seamlessly giving you confidence in your important work meeting, as well as bringing a contemporary edge to your evening outfits. You do not want to be without this classic accessory.