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The 12 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

“It's always sunny above the clouds. Always. Every day on earth—every day I’ve ever had—was secretly sunny, after all.” - Caitlin Moran

There’s no need for the sun to ever be a hidden secret again. Ever. The same ultimately divine power that illuminates it, and us, radiates from within our souls, too. That power is called Shakti—divine power and grace. It’s the source that inspires, invigorates, even transforms us without end. Shakti removes the clouds from your mind, heart and body, and lifts your life up in unquestionably stirring, life-affirming ways.

"Power objects are one of the shortest, shortest, shortest methods to connect with high divine souls and to Shiva and Shakti very, very, very easily. That’s the number one golden statement. But your heart needs to be open." - Sri Kaleshwar

Rudraksha* beads are sacred power objects known by their defining marks, called mukhis (or ‘faces’). When they’re authentically activated, they’re packed with radiant shakti. They attract it, hold it, express it and amplify it. And, each mukhi channels shakti in particular ways. Today, let’s look at the glorious 12-Mukhi Power Rudraksha.


  • Leadership & Self-Illumination
  • Increases clarity and confidence, decreases dependency on others
  • Removes obstacles from the path to success
  • Increases vitality, strength and stamina
  • Protects against negativity
  • Inspires fearlessness
  • Opens and empowers your shakti (divine/soul power) channels

From the Ancient Vedic Texts

Of the twelve-faced Rudrākṣa, all the twelve Adityas (suns) are present therein, radiant, wise, life-giving, nurturing and fearless. One blessed with such grace sees the seeds of 100 lifetimes of karma burned to ash.

- Shiva Purana

Personally Accessing Its Spiritual Power

To personalize the spiritual activation process and directly connect your soul to the 12-Mukhi Power Rudraksha, use the following sacred mantra, as prescribed in the ancient texts:

Om Sri Suryaye Namaha

With eyes closed, sit comfortably facing East in a quiet place without distractions. Hold your Rudraksha and mentally repeat the mantra above 108 times before wearing it.

Best Day(s) to start wearing the 12-Mukhi:

on a Sunday, Full Moon, or with participation in a Vedic fire ceremony

Ruling Planet:

Sun (Surya)


Adityas (shining offspring of Aditi, mother of the gods)


Solar Plexus (Manipura Chakra)

Bead Characteristics

Twelve distinct lines run across the convoluted surface of the 12-mukhi (or 12-’faced’) Rudraksha. The bead’s color is consistent throughout.

Recommended occasions to wear your 12-mukhi Rudraksha

  • During meditation
  • In social and work environments
  • In board meetings, at presentation
  • Faced with obstacles or challenges
  • Stressed, fearful, experience doubts, confusion or anxiety
  • Seek to know and live your highest purpose

Auspicious Adornment & Storage

The 12-Mukhi Power Rudraksha neutralizes the negative effects of past-life karmas that may be revealed in your astrological chart, especially those connected to Surya (Sun). It’s highly recommended that each time you put on your 12-Mukhi Power Rudraksha, you face East.

When not wearing your Power Rudraksha, place it on your home altar, in plain sight, or wrap it in silk and place it under your bed pillow.

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