Freedom From Fear

The 9 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

Being able to attract abundance is a powerful and empowering asset. If attracting prosperity also included channels of divine energy that neutralize miseries, dispel bad luck and protect you from misfortunes, that would be an even greater godsend. This is the inherent spiritual power of an authentic, fully activated 7 Mukhi Power Rudraksha.

Wealth and prosperity are often fleeting in the material world. The shakti (divine power) resonating within the 7 Mukhi Power Rudraksha fortifies this aspect of your life with greater stability, ensuring more and longer lasting success in all your endeavors.

As with all sacred power objects, the greater attention you give it, the more it’ll work on your behalf. It’s about creating a conscious connection. Using the 7-Mukhi Power Rudraksha bead as part of your spiritual processes is like plugging into a magnet-accelerator that radiates and attracts an abundance of deeper experiences and wisdom which, in turn, enhances your personal radiance in daily life. With its support, you can transform financial difficulties into successes, open new doors and inspire new possibilities in every area of your life.

Yet, its naturally blessed characteristics don’t stop there. Often, we seek what we want but come at it from insecurity, fear or lack of faith, blocks that potentially hinder our progress and success. In every relationship, exchanges must be made; and, our personal successes or failures are commensurate with our contributions. If all things were equal, the more we give, the more we’d receive. But, if we give in fear, the process, and its outcome,

Will be tainted. The 7-Mukhi Power Rudraksha has the capacity to draw out your inner power and grace and make your path to fulfillment smoother, easier and quicker. Only one contribution is required in exchange, from your side: a willingness to open your heart as fully as possible.

Freedom from fear is a sacred power channel made manifest through the Divine Feminine. The 9-Mukhi Power Rudraksha offers powerful protection circles against all forms of negativity. When we embrace its power, we become more fearless, competent and grow to live in this world knowing and sharing our true divine Self.

Wearing a 9-Mukhi Power Rudraksha directly against the skin, we open ourselves up to deeper spiritual experiences. When used with mantra meditation, following the proper guidelines, this sacred power bead can purify and heal your negative karmas and transform every aspect of your life.

Highly recommended for women seeking self-empowerment and more soul-fulfilling connections, spiritual seekers who wish to awaken and greatly empower their shakti (divine power) channels, and anyone who wishes to live free from fear and doubts.


  • Directly connects you to the grace of Mother Divine
  • Protects against negativity, whether the source is known or unknown
  • Heals the mind and body, creates balance
  • Increases confidence and competence, and the power to command on any circumstance
  • Attracts greater support of one’s desires and endeavors
  • Opens one’s shakti (divine power) channels
  • Removes obstacles to your fulfillment

From the Ancient Vedic Texts

The nine-faced rudraksha is Wisdom incarnate, beloved of the pure and fearless goddess, Durga-Maheśvarī, Herself. Worn with great devotion, the bearer gains the power of a siddhalingam and becomes equal to Sarveshwara, the lord of the entire universe.

- Shiva Purana

Deeply Accessing it’s Spiritual Power

To personalize the spiritual activation process and directly connect your soul to the 9-Mukhi Power Rudraksha, use the following sacred formula/mantra, as prescribed in the ancient texts.

Om Hreem Hum Namaha

With eyes closed, sit comfortably in a quiet place (no distractions). Hold or wear the rudraksha and mentally repeat the mantra above for 10-15 minutes (or longer, if you have time).

Best Day(s) to start wearing the 9-Mukhi:

on a Friday, Full or New Moon, or with participation in a Vedic fire ceremony, especially the Durga-Maheswari Puja

Ruling Planet:

Rahu (the “Wrestler”, celestial “Lord of Karma”)




Crown (Sahasrara Chakra)

Bead Characteristics

Nine lines run across the convoluted surface of the 9 mukhi or 9-’faced’ rudraksha. Each signifies one of Durgadevi’s main shakti channels which, together, manifest as the fearless and formidable goddess, Maheshwari, one of the highest forms of the Divine Feminine.

When to wear a 9-mukhi Rudraksha

  • Starting anything new
  • Want deep spiritual experiences
  • Experience confusion, fear or anxiety from unknown sources
  • Question your self-worth
  • When confronted by enemies
  • When faced with obstacles
  • Seek to know your highest purpose


The 9-Mukhi Power Rudraksha neutralizes the negative effects of Rahu, the “lord of Karma”, that may be revealed in your astrological chart. Rahu expresses itself from the Southwest direction; therefore, it’s highly recommended that each time you put on your 9-Mukhi Power Rudraksha, face the Southwest.

When not wearing your Power Rudraksha, place it on your home altar, in plain sight, or wrap it in silk and place it under your bed pillow.

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Four years ago, I stood in deep prayer in front of the blazing flames of a sacred fire ceremony in a powerful temple in India. I was about to turn 39 years old, I was single, my biological clock was ticking and I decided to take this auspicious opportunity to beg the Divine to bless my life with a beautiful child. Six months later, I found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it! It was a little miracle.

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