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The Ganesh Mukhi Power Rudraksha

Since ancient times, India's supreme spiritual masters have used the Ganesh Mukhi Power Rudraksha to create tremendous success in their divine work for humanity, cherishing the miraculous wisdom and transformational powers that come as a result. The eternal gift of the Ganesh Power Rudraksha is its ability to clear your path from blocks and control the influence of negativity, as one grows in spiritual mastery.

Worn directly against the skin, the Ganesh Power Mukhi removes all obstacles in the path of your success. When used with mantra meditation, following the proper guidelines, this sacred power bead can protect from negative influences surrounding your life, your spiritual practice or any projects and ventures. Transforming the challenging aspects of your life, it greatly supports the manifestation of your intentions and endeavors, creating success and fulfillment.

What is Ganesh’s Power

Ganesh, the miracle-born protector of Mother Divine, is the remover of all obstacles along your path to success, wisdom and Self-realization. Born of immense power, Ganesh is honored first among the Devata (the Gods), the guiding forms of divine creative intelligence behind the laws of Nature. Ganesh possesses the power and grace to handle whatever negativity may come our way. The sacred rudraksha, which bears his name, is one of the most unique of the mukhi power rudraksha beads.

Highly recommended for spiritual seekers, travelers, business owners and anyone starting a new venture or experiencing persistent challenges to the successful fulfillment of one’s desires, both spiritual and materialistic.

Benefits of the Ganesh Rudraksha

  • Protects from negativity
  • Helps overcome personal challenges
  • Removes obstacles in your path
  • Creates success & good luck
  • Blesses the wearer with ‘Riddhi – Siddhi’ (Prosperity & Miraculous Power)
  • Brings protection & focus to your spiritual practice
  • Increases willpower

From the Ancient Vedic Texts

For the achievement of all desired objects, both worldly and divine, one must wear the Ganesh Rudrākṣa with mantras. In this way, the aspirant-seeker gains great devotion, faith, wisdom and freedom from lethargy.

-Shiva Purana

Mantra to Access the Spiritual Power of the Ganesh Mukhi

To personalize the spiritual activation process and directly connect your soul to your Ganesh Power Rudraksha, use the following sacred formula/mantra, as prescribed in the ancient texts:

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha


Om Hum Namah

With eyes closed, sit comfortably—facing North or Northwest in a quiet place without distractions. Hold your Rudraksha in one hand and place the right hand on top, then mentally repeat the mantra above 108 times before wearing it.

Best Days to start wearing the Ganesh Mukhi:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Full Moon, New Moon, Ganesh Chaturthi

Ruling Planet:


Deva (God):

Ganesh, the Elephant-headed God and Lord of Success


Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra)

Bead Characteristics

A single distinct ‘elephant’s trunk’ runs down the outer convoluted surface of the Ganesh Rudraksha. The bead’s color is consistent throughout. Often but not necessarily, you can see the face of Ganesh in the bead.

When to Wear Your Ganesh Rudraksha

  • Beginning any new venture:
    • Starting a relationship, partnership or marriage
    • Entering a new house for the first time
    • Taking a trip, short or long
    • Attending the birth of a child
    • Signing contracts
    • Starting new business ventures
  • When speaking in public
  • Experience confusion, fear or anxiety from unknown sources
  • Feel the need for greater confidence or question your self-worth
  • Seek to know and live your highest purpose


When not wearing your Power Rudraksha, place it on your home altar, in plain sight, or wrap it in silk and place it under your bed pillow. Do not bathe or shower with it on, or get it wet.

The Ganesh Power Rudraksha helps to neutralize the negative effects of past-life karmas that may be revealed in your astrological chart. It’s highly recommended that each time you put on your Ganesh Power Rudraksha, you face North (ideally, Northwest).

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