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The 4 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

Know thyself really means, “Know, live and share your truest and highest Self.” While the 4 Mukhi Power Rudraksha offers powerful protection circles in support of your spiritual practices and all the shakti (spiritual power) you’ve developed over lifetimes, its greatest gifts may be in providing you with access to ever-growing channels of creativity and personal insight. The embodiment of Brahma, the Divine Creation Consciousness, the 4 Mukhi Power Rudraksha helps speed your learning and increase your self-confidence and competence in both your spiritual pursuits and material world endeavors.

By wearing a 4 Mukhi Power Rudraksha directly against the skin, you open yourself up to deeper spiritual experiences. When used with mantra meditation, following the proper guidelines, this sacred power bead can purify and heal your negative karmas and enhance every aspect of your life.

Highly recommended for anyone seeking self-empowerment and more creative, life-fulfilling means of personal expression, spiritual seekers who wish to awaken and greatly empower their own shakti (divine power) channels, and anyone who recognizes personal insight as an authentic source of knowledge in the pursuit of wisdom.

Benefits of the 4 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • Confers greater insight & creative intelligence
  • Increases eloquence in communication
  • Awakens and enhances artistic abilities
  • Improves focus and the retention of information
  • Increases confidence and competence
  • Confers the power to more clearly understand any situation
  • Highly recommended for students of all ages as well as scientists, artists, writers, politicians and anyone with learning disabilities

From the Ancient Vedic Texts

The Rudraksha of four faces is Brahma Himself. It quells the karma of the darkest of sins. Its darshan [seeing with your open eyes] and contact [holding or wearing] bestow the achievement of the four aims of life [Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema…Divine Truth, Light/Purpose, Peace and Love.

- Shiva Purana

Deeply Access the Spiritual Power of the 4 Mukhi Rudraksha

Using spiritual processes passed down to us through the Divine Lineage of supreme masters, we access and fully activate the inherent shakti in our 4-Mukhi Rudrakshas. To personalize the spiritual activation process and directly connect your soul to your 4-Mukhi Power Rudraksha, we recommend you use the following sacred formula/mantra, as prescribed in the ancient texts:

Aum Hreem Namaha

Guidelines/Dikshas: with eyes closed, sit comfortably (facing North) in a quiet place (no distractions); hold or wear the rudraksha while you mentally repeat the mantra above for 108 reps. That amount of repetitions ought to take you a comfortable 10-15 minutes. If you have time, do more. Longer is better.

Best Day(s) to start wearing the 4 Mukhi Rudraksha:

on a Thursday, on Full Moon, or with participation in a Vedic fire ceremony, especially the “Guru-Brihaspati” (Jupiter) Puja

Ruling Planet:

Jupiter (Brihaspati, the celestial “guru of the gods”)




Throat (Vishuddha Chakra)

Bead Characteristics

Four lines run across the convoluted surface of the 4 mukhi or 4-’faced’ rudraksha. Each signifies one of Brahma’s main shakti channels which, together, inspire the indefatigably creative goddess, Saraswati, one of the highest forms of the Divine Feminine, to bless the world with infinite creativity & knowledge, in every direction.

When to wear a 4 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • Starting anything new
  • Long for deep/deeper spiritual experiences
  • Seek greater insight & understanding [feel the need to learn more]
  • To bolster self-confidence
  • Seek to express yourself more clearly & eloquently

Best Placement

The 4-Mukhi Power Rudraksha helps to mitigate the negative effects and enhance the positive effects of Jupiter, as may be revealed in your astrological chart. Jupiter expresses itself from the North-Northeast direction. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that each time you put on your 4-Mukhi Power Rudraksha, face the Northeast direction.

When not wearing your Power Rudraksha, place it on your home altar, in plain sight, or wrap it in silk and place it under your bed pillow.

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The tusli mala and the five-eyed rudraksha mala are used for meditation. The perfect mala is a five-eye of the same size of seeds and perfect lines, perfect eyes. If you got sixty percent energy to your body during meditation, forty percent energy goes to that mala; the mala sucks the energy. Even if you are not meditating, that energy is fulfilled by the rudrakshas. That is the secrecy, why all the saints are wearing the rudraksha malas. The vibrations of the mala protect them wherever they go. The rudraksha has that capability. Especially the five eyes, Namashivaya.

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