Ganesh Meditation Mala Vinayaka


Are you looking for an extra boost in your spiritual journey? Look no further than the Ganesh Meditation Mala Vinayaka! This sacred mala is designed to keep your practice on track and keep your path open to all the blessings of the elephant-headed God, Ganesh. With an authentically activated 8 mukhi power rudraksha bead with a beautiful Ganesh pendant, this spiritual tool can be your protector and spiritual activator.

Among the benefits of using this mala, is the strengthened power to overcome any obstacle in your spiritual and material ventures. This mala can create powerful protection circles, as well as receive Ganesh’s blessings for success and bring good luck – make your spiritual journey even more fulfilling with the Ganesh Meditation Mala Vinayaka!


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– Receive divine grace and protection
– Overcome obstacles in your spiritual and material endeavours
– Create powerful protection circles
– Enjoy greater success in your undertakings
– Feel confident and empowered to take on life challenges
– Receive an abundance of blessings for progress and prosperity
– Experience calmness and inner peace

Those searching for spiritual guidance and inner transformation can find the perfect companion in our Ganesh Meditation Mala Vinayaka. Honoring the miracle-born protector, Ganesh is revered as the first among all Devata or Gods – representing immense power and divine grace in order to handle whatever negativity may come our way. Embedded into the holy beads of this mala is the power channel to Lord Ganesh’s grace and protection. Invoking the kindness and generosity of Lord Ganesh helps to open the doors of success, wisdom and Self-realization.

Known as the Son of Shiva and Parvati, Lord Ganesh is the one who removes obstacles and provides prosperity and success to those who call on him. Through worshiping Lord Ganesh, you can receive siddhi (success), buddhi (intellect), and riddhi (wealth) in your life.

Discover the sacred power of our premium Vinayaka Meditation Mala. Crafted with care, it is made exclusively from authentic, superior-grade Rudraksha beads – the highest energetic beads available. Sourced meticulously, these beads come from organic Rudraksha farms in Indonesia, ensuring the utmost purity and spiritual resonance. The mala is strung on .925 silver, 22 carat gold vermeil or can be custom-ordered with 18 carat or 22 carat gold wire, adorned with uniform-sized 6mm Rudraksha beads, offering a serene and meditative experience at your fingertips. When you use our Ganesh Vinayaka Meditation Mala, you’ll feel confident in connecting with potent energy and the best ingredients accessible.


This VINAYAKA Meditation Mala has 108 beads
+ 1 guru bead (8 Mukhi Power Rudraksha bead)
+ Ganesh pendant

mala length: 129 cm/ 46″
guru bead 0.5”/1.2 cm
pendant: 1.5 x 2cm

You’ll find much to appreciate about SHIVALOKA. Each of our meditation malas is activated and sanctified through a genuine Shakti activation process conducted by spiritual masters. From your very first meditation session with our energetically charged malas, you will notice a distinct difference in comparison to other generic malas available in the market.

When used in accordance with our recommended guidelines, your meditation practice will become more effortless and fluid. Moreover, it will grant you deeper access to tranquility, clarity, and shielding from negative energies. This will help establish a robust base for your life while propelling your spiritual practice forward in delightful and unforeseen ways.

Discover the magic of SHIVALOKA. Our meditation malas are crafted with care and infused with sacred energy through a unique Shakti activation process led by spiritual masters. Experience the extraordinary power of our malas from your very first meditation session. Unlike generic malas, ours will make a noticeable difference.

By following our recommended guidelines, your meditation practice will become effortless and seamless. You’ll gain profound tranquility, clarity, and protection from negative energies. With a solid foundation in place, your spiritual journey will flourish in ways you never imagined.