Soham Meditation Mala


Introducing the Soham Rudraksha Meditation Mala, the perfect way to tap into the power and presence of your breath. It is said that true meditation is the act of surrendering to silence and this mala allows you to reach that state with incredible ease. The Soham mala brings deeper awareness of the inner journey your breath can take. Through the activated energy of the mala and the practice of repeating the Soham mantra, you can experience the oneness and divine harmony of being connected with everything around you. This mala is the perfect aid to help you reconnect with the natural and powerful energy of your breath and surrender to the joy and bliss of the soul.


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– experience deeper states of peace and meditation
– discover inner wisdom and answers
– clarity and focus
– balance your energy
– ease of turning inward

Sanskrit Meaning : सो ऽहम् I am That.

The So-Ham mantra meditation is a powerful tool for self-realization and inner peace. The mantra, which translates to “I am That” in Sanskrit, serves as a constant reminder of our inherent divinity and connection to the universe. When repeated during meditation, “So” on the inward breath and “Ham” on the outward, it creates a rhythmic pattern that aligns with the natural rhythm of our breathing. This synchronization of breath and sound helps to quiet the mind, center our focus, and deepen our meditative state. Over time, So-Ham mantra meditation can lead to profound spiritual growth, increased mindfulness, and a greater sense of inner peace and balance. It serves as a powerful bridge connecting our individual consciousness with the universal consciousness, fostering self-awareness and enlightenment.

Mala with 108 beads + guru pendant bead

• authentic 4mm sacred rudraksham
• strung on 925 silver or 22k gold vermeil wire
• Pendant measurement: 1.5 x 2,5cm/ 1.4”

mala length: 101 cm/ 40“

Handmade & blessed in Bali

Using a mala with the Soham mantra in meditation is a simple yet powerful practice. Start by finding a quiet and comfortable space where you can sit undisturbed. Hold your mala in your right hand, starting with the first bead next to the ‘guru’ bead. As you inhale slowly and deeply, silently say the syllable “So”. As you exhale, silently say the syllable “Ham”. Gently pull the next bead towards you with your thumb as you move through each breath and repetition of the mantra. Continue this process for each of the 108 beads on the mala. This practice helps to focus the mind, reduce distractions, and instill a sense of peace and tranquility. The combination of tactile engagement with the mala and mental focus on the Soham mantra creates a meditative state that promotes inner harmony, clarity, and spiritual growth.

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