Prosperity Mala Prana Lakshmi


Are you ready to tap into your innermost creative potential and attract the life you’ve always dreamed of? The Prana Lakshmi Mala is not just an accessory; it’s a conduit for channeling powerful and magnetic energies, designed to help you manifest your soul-aligned ambitions. Embodying the essence of Prana Lakshmi, the divine power (Shakti) within the life force, this mala emanates an expansive and radiant aura of attraction. It serves as a tool to awaken self-awareness, enabling you to identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs, and view life as an exciting divine play and adventure. This sacred power object is intricately designed and activated to magnetize abundance, prosperity, and success in all your endeavors. In addition, it amplifies your authoritative power, aiding you to navigate through financial worries and struggles with ease. The Prana Lakshmi Mala also provides a protective shield against reversals of fortune, ensuring your journey towards your dreams remains uninterrupted. Adorn yourself with this mala and embrace the transformative power of Prana Lakshmi that lies within you.


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– Activates life force & attraction power
– Inspires creative solutions and ideas
– Attracts abundance and prosperity
– Empowers you to realize your own manifesting abilities
– Helps overcome financial struggles
– Creates protection circles around your creative projects or business ventures

Prana, a Sanskrit word, is often translated as “life force” or “vital energy,” which is believed to be the universal principle of energy or force. It is the essence that keeps us alive and thriving. In connection to Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity, Prana takes on a deeper spiritual significance. Lakshmi embodies abundance in all its forms – material, spiritual, emotional and mental. The concept of Prana is intrinsically linked with Lakshmi’s blessings, suggesting that our life force or vitality (Prana) is a crucial component in attracting and maintaining abundance in our lives. When our Prana is strong and vibrant, it not only enhances our physical health but also our ability to create and sustain prosperity. Thus, cultivating Prana through practices like yoga, meditation, and mindful living can help us channel Lakshmi’s energy, leading to a life of abundance and prosperity.

The Prosperity Mala Prana Lakshmi has 108 beads + a powerful 7 Mukhi Power Rudraksha as pendant

Sacred ingredients: 8 mm sacred rudraksha, red coral, 7 mukh mukhi power rudrakshai, 22k gold vermeil components, strung on thread

Mala length: approx 44”/112cm
Tassel: 2.5cm

Available in 14k, 18k or 22k gold upon request as custom order


The pendant bead of your meditation mala represents the guru.
Gu-Ru means that which leads from darkness to light, from ignorance to wisdom.

As this bead has a special meaning, we have amplified the power of this mala with a powerful 7 Mukhi Power Rudraksha bead.

To receive the greatest benefit from your mala, we recommend using it with a mantra meditation practice, using authentic, high-vibrational Vedic mantras. This will amplify and continue to grow the power of your already powerfully activated and blessed mala. Your mala acts as a storage vessel for divine power, so it’s of immense, personal benefit to keep charging your mala through active meditation practice and participation in important spiritual ceremonies, devotional rituals and heartful prayer.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you!
With purchase of our sacred meditation malas, you will receive FREE access to our SAI Academy, where we teach you everything you need to know about sacred power objects, how to use them, including how to protect, heal and manifest. We share the best mantras, guide your meditation and support you on your spiritual journey.


Every SHIVALOKA meditation mala is activated & blessed in an authentic Shakti activation process by spiritual masters. When you first start meditating with our highly charged malas, you can experience the energetic difference immediately – in comparison to other generic malas on the market.

If used according to our best guidelines, your meditation will not only feel easier and smoother, it will also offer you a greater access to peace, clarity and protection from negativity, building a powerful foundation in life while accelerating your spiritual practice in beautiful and unexpected ways.