What size are the rudraksha beads?

The rudraksha bead sizes we use most for stringing our jewelry are 6mm and 8mm beads. Depending on design, we also use smaller beads like the powerful and rare 4mm rudraksha beads, and also bigger sized beads like 9mm – 12mm beads, but found for the daily purposes they are used, 6mm and 8mm beads blend in and work well as jewelry, and are delicate enough for the tactile effort of counting beads in meditation without being tedious.

How many mukhis / Rudraksha faces are the beads on the mala?

Unless otherwise stated on the product page, all our rudraksha jewelry is strung with 5 mukhi/ 5 faced rudraksha beads. These are the common beads used for stringing, they are directly connected to Rudra, the primordial form of Shiva and symbolize Nature, the Five Elements, in perfect harmony. Therefore, they are the quintessential core bead that makes every aspect of these sacred designs so incredibly potent and powerful. They are very adaptable in energy and can be well combined pretty much with any other variety of mukhi bead or gemstones.


The other variety of Mukhi Rudraksha beads we use in our jewelry is often featured as the guru bead or the framed centerpiece of a bracelet design and multiplies the overall power of a piece.

Can I wear more than one mala or several sacred jewelry pieces or mukhis at a time?

Yes, you can wear more than one SHIVALOKA item at a time, you can wear multiple pieces, like Mukhi rudrakshas. It is up to one’s personal capacity and intentions.


With that said, each item has its unique energy and influence and we recommend to do the Sacred Intention Ritual and subsequent 41 day meditation process with each item separately, especially if they have different powers and intentions. It helps you have greater clarity on the power and connection with each piece when you work with each individually with your personal intentions.

How do you activate your sacred jewelry?

SHIVALOKA’s founders are Master Healers and Siddhas (spiritually advanced souls) in the Divine Lineage of India’s Supreme Masters. Our founders were trained and initiated by the Avatar and Divine Master Sri Kaleshwar in this lineage and have the divine expertise and soul ability to create authentic sacred power objects. This is not something that can be done by anyone, it involves transference of Shakti, spiritual power, through sankalpam


For sacred beads, malas and energetic jewelry to express their full divine power in your life, they must be activated. Otherwise, the energy remains mostly dormant. Aside from the beautiful aesthetics and craftsmanship, the high vibrational, spiritual quality is truly what makes our spiritual jewelry remarkable and stand out from the rest. You can feel the difference, and innumerable customer testimonials from the past 14 years attest to that.


We have a video about spiritual activation of sacred power objects inside our Shivaloka Academy that you gain free access to with the purchase of SHIVALOKA soul jewelry.

Do you offer a X-ray to prove authenticity of Mukhi Rudraksha Beads and/or certificates?

Over the last years, some savvy business men decided to provide X-Rays of Mukhis as proof of the authenticity of mukhi rudraksha beads. It supposedly will show that it is indeed a seed and not a fake bead. The problem with that approach is that energetically, X-rays damage the high vibration of the beads which is the reason we do not offer this option. Since most of our rudraksha come from simple farmers from the mountains, they do not provide certificates. This is another scheme that people come up with to give people a reason to believe that they are buying an authentic bead when in fact the organizations that provide them are either intimately connected with suppliers or earn for each certificate. It is a business and doesn’t provide the security you are looking for. Therefore we do not support these types of certificates. But we offer our word and integrity, that our mukhi rudraksha are all authentic and high-vibrational.

What is the difference between Indonesian and Nepalese rudraksha?

Indonesian Rudraksha beads are smaller in size in comparison to Nepalese beads, and most of our customers prefer the smaller Rudraksha mukhi beads. Indonesian mukhi beads have lines running from top to bottom of the bead and make up the face or mukhis while Nepalese beads have deep clefts instead. Energetically, Nepalese beads are rumored to be more powerful than Indonesian beads, and this is one part because Indonesians do not possess the knowledge of authentically activating the beads. Also, growing in the soil of the Himalayas is considered very sacred. Yet, as we are experienced in recognizing high every beads (they are not all the same) we find powerful Indonesian beads and activate and bless them so that they become powerful and transformative.

Are your Rudraksha authentic?

We take our role as providers of Rudraksha very seriously and take great care in sourcing, testing and selecting these holy power beads. We have long-standing relationships with rudraksha farms and suppliers and guarantee that all our rudraksha beads and all the mukhi varieties we offer are authentic and high-vibrational beads. We activate all our sacred beads and jewelry.

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