Gajanana Blessing Bracelet


This delicate and elegant sacred accessory is designed for all who hold reverence for the great elephant-headed God, Lord Ganesh. Our bestselling Gajanana bracelet is more than just an ornament; it’s a conduit for sacred energy that calms the mind, sharpens focus, and aids in achieving set intentions. The bracelet features an ornate Ganesh pendant, showcasing a depiction of Lord Ganesh on the front and the ‘Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha’ Ganesh mantra in Sanskrit on the back. This bracelet harnesses the energetic power of clear crystal beads, which are beautifully combined with rare and delicate genuine rudraksha beads strung on 22k gold vermeil chain and wire. With this bracelet, you invite into your life the blessings of Lord Ganesh for success and overcoming obstacles. It helps bring clarity of mind and focus, aids in manifesting your intentions, and increases your shakti (soul power) and protection circles.This exquisitely crafted Ganesh bracelet has been authentically activated and blessed to open the sacred power channel to Lord Ganesh’s grace and protection. It will bless you with a deep sense of peace, connectedness, and confidence in the reality of His divine presence in your life.


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– Receive Ganesh’s blessings for success and overcoming obstacles
– Brings clarity of mind and focus
– Helps to manifest your intentions
– Increases shakti (soul power) and protection circles

As “Gajanana” translates to “elephant-faced,” it symbolizes the vast wisdom and knowledge associated with elephants. Elephants are known for their excellent memory and high intelligence, attributes that are revered in Hinduism and are symbolically represented by Ganesha.Furthermore, the elephant head of Ganesha represents the Atman or the soul, which is the ultimate supreme reality of human existence, while his human body signifies Maya or the earthly existence of human beings. The elephant head denotes wisdom and its trunk represents Om, the sound symbol of cosmic reality.In his upper right hand, Ganesha holds a goad, which helps him propel mankind forward on the eternal path and remove obstacles from the way. The noose in Ganesha’s left hand is a gentle implement to capture all difficulties.nThe broken tusk that Ganesha holds like a pen in his lower right hand is a symbol of sacrifice, which he broke for writing the Mahabharata. The rosary in his other hand suggests that the pursuit of knowledge should be continuous. Thus, “Gajanana” embodies a multitude of spiritual significances, each element of Ganesha’s form representing a profound spiritual concept or teaching.

Sacred ingredients of the Gajanana bracelet:

4 mm sacred rudraksha, clear crystal, 22k gold vermeil Ganesh pendant, 22k gold vermeil chain wire and chain with a lobster claw clasp.

Ganesh pendant size: 1.5 (w) x 2 cm (l)

Featuring an ornate Ganesh pendant with a depiction of Lord Ganesh on the front and the ‘Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha’ Ganesh mantra in sanskrit on the back

This bracelet size: one size fits all– this bracelet has 3 sizing options with 3 jump rings to hook the clasp on the bracelet

To receive the greatest benefit from your power bracelet, we recommend wearing during a mantra meditation practice, using authentic, high-vibrational Vedic mantras. This will amplify and continue to grow the power of your already powerfully activated and blessed mala bracelet. Your sacred power objects acts as a storage vessel for divine power, so it’s of immense, personal benefit to keep charging your mala through active meditation practice and participation in important spiritual ceremonies, devotional rituals and heartful prayer.

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Every SHIVALOKA meditation mala is activated & blessed in an authentic Shakti activation process by spiritual masters. When you first start meditating with our highly charged malas, you can experience the energetic difference immediately – in comparison to other generic malas on the market.

If used according to our best guidelines, your meditation will not only feel easier and smoother, it will also offer you a greater access to peace, clarity and protection from negativity, building a powerful foundation in life while accelerating your spiritual practice in beautiful and unexpected ways.