Divine Shield – 10 Mukhi Power Bead Pendant


Are you looking for a spiritual tool that can safeguard you from negative forces and lead you towards your highest destiny? The Divine Shield 10 Mukhi Power Pendant could be your perfect match. This exceptional sacred accessory showcases an activated and blessed 10 Mukhi Power Rudraksha bead, a rare power bead from the verdant regions of Indonesia. Delicately handcrafted with an intricate cap, it cradles this auspicious bead, amplifying its divine aura and power. The 10 Mukhi Power Rudraksha is a divine shield against negativity. It aids in dispelling doubts, fear, and confusion that may cloud your judgment, revealing the truth at the core of any situation. With its potent energy, it helps overcome chronic lack of success by breaking down barriers that hinder your progress. Moreover, it offers protection from the unknown manipulations of others and guards against black magic and evil spirits. This power pendant is particularly recommended for those in the public eye or anyone dealing with high levels of negativity, energetic attacks, and strong illusions. Let the Divine Shield 10 Mukhi Power Pendant serve as your spiritual armor, guiding you towards a path of clarity, success, and the safety of your inner sanctum.


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  • Shield from Negativity


  • Dispels  Doubts


  • Protects from Fear


  • Creates Success


  • Breaks Illusions


  • Protects from Black Magic, Spells, Curses, Negative  Spirits

Vishnu, one of the principal deities in Hinduism, is often revered as the preserver and protector of the universe. His divine shield, the Sudarshana Chakra, is a symbol of this protective role. The Sudarshana Chakra is not just a weapon but a manifestation of Vishnu’s power to sustain order and righteousness in the universe. It represents the spinning wheel of time and is considered a powerful tool to destroy ignorance, illusion, and negativity.


The 10 Mukhi Rudraksha is closely associated with Lord Vishnu. As per ancient scriptures, this sacred bead is believed to hold the energy and blessings of Lord Vishnu. Just like the Sudarshana Chakra, the 10 Mukhi Rudraksha is known to offer protection from negative energies and evil forces. It is said to guard the wearer against adversities, remove obstacles, and bring success in all endeavors.

Our Divine Shield 10 Mukhi Power Bead Pendant features a rare, activated & blessed 10 Mukhi Power Rudraksha Bead, handcrafted with protective and ornate caps.


Size of 10 mukhi rudraksha bead: approx 14-18mm (may vary as beads are natural and rare)


Origin: Indonesia


Available in .925 silver, 22k gold vermeil, and 14k, 18k or 22k gold. 


Silver weight: 9 gr


Handmade in Bali.


Each bead is carefully selected from trusted Rudraksha farms and tested by us for its energetic properties. We guarantee the beads authenticity.


If you wish to purchase a Nepalese bead, a larger size bead or wish for a bead with a certificate, please contact our customer service at customercare@shivaloka.co



We offer cable chain necklace in following length:  18“/20”/24” (46cm / 51cm/ 61cm)


To receive the greatest benefit from your sacred power objects, we recommend using it with a mantra meditation practice, using authentic, high-vibrational Vedic mantras. This will amplify and continue to grow the power of your already powerfully activated and blessed sacred item. Your sacred beads acts as a storage vessel for divine power, so it’s of immense, personal benefit to keep charging your sacred object through active meditation practice and participation in important spiritual ceremonies, devotional rituals and heartful prayer.


Don’t worry, we’ve got you!


With purchase of our sacred power objects, you will receive FREE access to our SAI Academy, where we teach you everything you need to know about sacred power objects, how to use them, including how to protect, heal and manifest. We share the best mantras, guide your meditation and support you on your spiritual journey.

Every SHIVALOKA sacred power object is activated & blessed in an authentic Shakti activation process by spiritual masters. When you first start meditating with our highly charged sacred objects, you can experience the energetic difference immediately –  in comparison to other generic malas on the market. 


If used according to our best guidelines, your meditation will not only feel easier and smoother, it will also offer you a greater access to peace, clarity and protection from negativity, building a powerful foundation in life while accelerating your spiritual practice in beautiful and unexpected ways.