Self-healing & Soul Purification

The 3 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

The 3 Mukhi Power Rudraksha is our ‘go-to’ energy accessory when we experience any kind of symptoms of discomfort and disease in our body. When used with mantra meditation and following proper guidelines, this sacred power bead can transform your physical wellbeing as well as purify negative karmas connected to it.

Yet, this incredible power bead doesn’t only serve your physical health, it purifies your intentions so that our desires don’t mislead us but lead us to a place of truth and power. Further, it’s powerful shakti (spiritual energy) will strengthen your willpower, and create confidence in yourself and in your choices.

Highly recommended for those who feel blocked by unworthiness, self-doubt,anxiety, fear and guilt.


  • Relieves feelings of guilt, anxiety, depression
  • This mukhi is said to relieve the negative influence of past life karmas (sanchit karma) hence liberating to move a person out of old holding patterns and allows you to move forward, attracting now new opportunities
  • Purification of negative thoughts and aids in physical ailments, therefore is a fantastic mukhi to use for mental and physical healing.

The desire for wearing Rudraksha is the result of attaining the perfection of knowledge and Blessings of God during previous births

- Srimad Devi Bhagavat

Activation and Transmission through Mantra

Each Mukhi Power Rudraksha is activated by using a sacred formula as prescribed in the ancient text regarding the power and use of Rudraksha. For the 3 mukhi, the below mantra is recommended.

Om Kleem Namaha or Om Namah Shivaya

Best Day to start wearing 3 Mukhi:

Monday or on a Full or New Moon, or with participation in a Vedic fire ceremony or Agni Puja

Ruling Planet:


Deva / God:

Agni (pronounced Ag-nee) the God of Fire


Solar Plexus (Manipura Chakra)

3 Mukhi Bead Characteristics

Three lines or crevisses run across the 3 Mukhi (3-faced rudraksha).
The Nepalese 3 Mukhi bead has a spherical shape while the 3 Mukhi with Indonesian origin is usually smaller and oval in shape.

When you should wear a 3 Mukhi Rudraksha:

  • If you feel burdened by guilt, shame, negative self-thoughts
  • If you feel physically or mentally weak
  • If you are experiencing a lot of health issues
  • If you struggle with self-worth issues and inferiority complex
  • If you have digestive issues
  • If you have high-blood pressure
  • If a lot of stress is wearing you down and you need to reset
  • If you are about to undergo surgery or other major treatments to resurrect and reinvigorate your health


Agni is Fire, and as one of the Five Cosmic Elements also known as the Panchabhutas, exerts its most auspicious energy in the SouthEast of the House. Therefore, Agni Deva, the Fire God, is typically placed and worshipped in the SouthEast of Hindu temples. Therefore, we suggest to keep the 3 Mukhi in the SouthEast part of your house or room when you’re not wearing it.

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