How do I choose the right item for me?

As all our sacred jewelry, power beads and meditation malas have been created with specific uses, powers and benefits in mind, we invite you to think deeply about what it is that you are looking for. It is best to ‘feel’ the jewelry through your eyes with your heart, not your mind. We often find customers already know but stand in their way of knowing because of their habit of defaulting their decision to their mind, instead of trusting and flowing with their inner guidance.   If you are a meditator and looking to deepen your meditation experience, we offer a variety of activated & blessed meditation malas strung with sacred rudraksha beads, lotus seeds or healing gemstones. We offer the option to customize your meditation bead with a unique divine power channel using a sacred Mukhi Rudraksha Power Bead of your choice. You can make the customized selection on the product page of the meditation mala of your choice.    If you are looking for a mala necklace or bracelet for upliftment, healing, protection and transformation, we suggest you Shop by Intention in our shop Menu.    Another option is to Shop By Power Beads, if you want to experience the miraculous powers of the holy Rudraksha beads. There are many varieties, each unique in their use and spiritual powers we can introduce you to. Finally, you have the opportunity now to create an astrological profile based an Jyotish, Vedic astrology, to find your sacred power bead according to your birth chart. Vedic astrology offers your astrological remedies for negative karmas and reveals opportunities to enhance your positive astrological features. Mukhi Rudraksha are recommended Vedic astrology remedies. They belong to the ancient science of sacred power objects.

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