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Sacred Symbols Jewelry to Advance Your Spiritual Development

Sacred Symbols Jewelry is a beautiful and meaningful way to bolster spiritual protection, cultivate peace of mind, and open spiritual channels. Sacred Symbols Jewelry offers a magnificent array of powerful yantras, religious symbols and sacred geometry.

Each piece of Sacred Symbols Jewelry is crafted with precision, featuring necklaces, pendants, mala, rings and bracelet cuffs made from finest Sterling Silver and 22 carat gold vermeil. They can even be ordered in your choice of 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold or 22 karat gold. All Sacred Symbol pieces have been carefully charged and activated to unlock the divine power held by these sacred symbols and serve as spiritual protection circles from negative influences. 

Feel a sense of unity wearing this Sacred Symbols jewelry as you meditate on the Dharmachakra Wheel found in the meditating Buddha pendant, journey through the spiral design of the Star and Crescent necklace, contemplate life’s mysteries with the Cross symbol-shaped ring, turn towards justice and fairness when donning the Star of David mala bracelet cuff or balance masculine and feminine energies harmoniously when rocking the Yin Yang shaped necklace. You can also discover peace and power from Sacred Symbols Jewelry such as Shiva’s Trishula and Khanda Symbols that open spiritual gains. 

Sacred Symbols Jewelry instill a deep sense of unity in diversity and gives one strength for eternal triumph!