Creating a Soul Mate Connection

The Gaurishankar Mukhi Power Rudraksha

Union in Love is its own authentic sacred power channel, which must be established in more than good intentions, desires or karma, if it’s to be made manifest and last. The Gaurishankara-Power Mukhi Rudraksha inherently possesses this specific Shakti (divine power). Once its sacred power is fully activated through advanced spiritual processes, this Power-Mukhi radiates harmony in and around you and your relationships, especially with those with whom you’re most intimate. It also provides powerful protection circles against the negativity, which commonly sidetracks relationships. Its power awakens in each of us a greater knowing and sharing of our true divine Self as a direct contribution to your success and fulfillment in every aspect of the life you lead.

Wearing a Gaurishankara-Power Mukhi Rudraksha directly against the skin, you open yourself up to deeper spiritual experiences. When used with mantra meditation, following the proper guidelines, this sacred power bead can purify and heal your negative karmas and transform every aspect of your life.

Highly recommended for anyone seeking greater self-empowerment and more soul-fulfilling connections, women seeking to conceive, spiritual seekers who wish to awaken and greatly empower their shakti (divine power) channels, anyone who wishes to live in powerful, life-affirming relations, and for those seeking a true life partner.


  • Awakens and protects a deeper opening of the Heart Chakra
  • Promotes family peace and harmony
  • Protects against negativity, whether the source is known or unknown
  • Creates balance within and with others
  • Directly connects you to the grace of Mother Divine
  • Attracts greater support of one’s deepest longings
  • Opens one’s shakti (divine power) channels

From the Ancient Vedic Texts

Life does not exist but for Love; and, neither exist but for Devi, Herself. Because of Gauri, the ever-Beloved of Shiva, the whole universe is bathed in harmony and bliss. One who wears the Gaurishankara, that most sublime gift of Shiva, walks hand-in-hand with God, even as a householder, as Wisdom incarnate.

- Devi Samhita

Deeply Accessing It’s Spiritual Power

To personalize the spiritual activation process and directly connect your soul to the Gaurishankara-Power Mukhi Rudraksha, use the following sacred formula/mantra, as prescribed in the ancient texts:

OM Gauri-shankar-raya Namaha

With eyes closed, sit comfortably in a quiet place (no distractions). Hold or wear the rudraksha and mentally repeat the mantra above for 10-15 minutes (or longer, if you have time).

Best Day(s) to start wearing the Gaurishankara-Power Mukhi:

on a Monday, a Full Moon, or with participation in a Vedic fire ceremony.

Ruling Planet:

Chandra/Moon (the celestial embodiment of the mind)




Heart and 3rd-Eye

Bead Characteristics

Appears as two-beads-in-one. As a single sacred bead, both ’sides’ are both Shiva and Shakti—the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine together, as one—, the ultimate ‘union’ energy personal power object.

When to wear a Gaurishankara-Power
Mukhi Rudraksha:

  • For deepened your spiritual experiences
  • Seek to know your highest purpose
  • Seek to know a deeper, lasting love with another person
  • For clearer communication and harmony in relationships
  • Want to heal, protect and more fully open your heart (chakra)
  • Experience confusion, fear or anxiety from known or unknown sources
  • Faced with obstacles and/or in need of greater confidence


The Gaurishankara-Power Mukhi Rudraksha neutralizes whatever negative effects of Chandra/the Moon (mind/mental disposition). According to Vedic astrology, the Moon ‘rules’ the Northwest direction; therefore, it’s highly recommended that each time you put on your Gaurishankara-Power Mukhi Rudraksha, face the Northwest.

When not wearing your Power Rudraksha, place it on your home altar, in plain sight, or wrap it in silk and place it under your bed pillow.

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