How do I protect my sacred jewelry and clean the metal components?

  • Avoid wearing your sacred jewelry when you have freshly sprayed perfume, applied cream or other liquids to your skin as this can create a chemical reaction and tarnish the precious metals and darken your sacred beads. We use an anti-tarnish solution on silver but silver is a very fickle metal and can easily tarnish when it comes in contact with the above mentioned products.

  • Avoid placing your jewelry in a spot where direct, intense sunlight hits it over an extended period of time as it can cause discoloration of the metals and gemstones.

  • For silver jewelry, you can use a Sterling Silver cleaner and polish the metal with a soft polishing cloth. Try to avoid the cleaner getting onto the sacred beads, if possible.

  • Do not use a chemical cleaner or abrasive cloth on 22k gold vermeil as it may remove the gold plating.

  • Do not use tissue paper or paper towel to clean precious metal as it can cause scratches on the surface

  • Brass can be cleaned with a brass cleaner and soft cloth

  • 14k, 18k and 22k gold jewelry should be cleaned frequently to keep it shiny. All you need is a bowl of warm water, dish soap and a soft toothbrush and a soft, lint-free polishing cloth to dry and buff the gold. Soak the jewelry for 15 minutes in the soapy, lukewarm water, then brush the gold gently with the toothbrush, then rinse it under cool water and let it dry and buff with the cloth.

  • ​​Do not soak natural emeralds, pearls, opals, coral, lotus seeds, tulsi and sandalwood in water. Emeralds, pearls and opals are delicate and soaking can cause permanent damage, while coral and most sacred beads are made of wood and therefore are soft and absorbent, so water and any chemicals can cause permanent discoloration or damage.

  • Even though people think that pearls love water, once harvested they should not be exposed to water and only cleaned with a soft cloth. Do not keep them in an airtight container, pearls need to “breathe”.

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